Half a Million Immigrant Spouses Protected From Deportation By Biden’s Costly Border Order

Will President Biden’s newest border order result in disobeyed immigration laws?

No Deportation for Spouses

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A new policy announced by US President Joe Biden is set to protect hundreds of thousands of undocumented spouses of US citizens from deportation. 

No Need to Leave

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As per the policy, non-citizen spouses married to US citizens can apply to live and work in the country without having to leave the US. This also includes non-citizen children of applicants.

How Many Are Eligible?

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According to the White House, over 500,000 spouses will be eligible for protection. 

A Less “Unfair” System

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President Biden stated that this new policy would transform the US immigration system to become less “unfair” and “unjust”, benefiting immigrants, married couples, and all Americans. 

What Do Current Laws Say?

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Existing laws state that some undocumented migrants, when marrying US citizens, are required to return to their home countries to apply for legal residency. Many times, said migrants can’t reenter the US for a full decade.

A Sigh of Relief

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Biden’s new policy marks the most significant relief program for undocumented migrants living in the US since Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, was announced back in 2012.

The Ts & Cs

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According to senior administration officials, US citizens’ undocumented spouses qualify if they:

  1. a) Had been living in the country for 10 years, and
  2. b) Have been married as of June 17th. 

A 3-year Deadline

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Spouses will have a three-year period in which they can apply for permanent residency, making them also eligible for a three-year work permit. 

Visas for the Highly Skilled

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The White House also stated that it plans on quickening the visa process for highly skilled undocumented immigrants who have either:

  1. a) Obtained degrees from US universities, or
  2. b) Have received job offers in their relevant field, including Dreamers. 

Meeting with Biden

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The Chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán, said that caucus members met with President Biden to call for the announced protections. 

Joy and Relief Ahead

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Barragán stated: “I think it’s a happy day for many immigrant families across America. I think there’s going to be people crying tears of joy paired with some sighs of relief. This is a significant executive action by President Biden and the Hispanic Caucus has been for months encouraging and advocating for the President and administration to provide these protections”. 

Not Good News for All

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However, top immigration experts are not happy with the Biden administration’s plan to establish so-called “parole-in-place” qualifications for US citizens’ illegal immigrant spouses.

A Clinton Leftover

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The parole-in-place idea stems from a 1998 memo drawn up by President Bill Clinton. This has been in use since 2016 to categorize non-citizen immediate family members of US service members. 

Marriage Fraud Approaching?

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Thomas Homan, former acting ICE director, believes this move will not only further damage the US, but also lead to a rise in marriage fraud, since the policy focuses on spouses. “This administration has done nothing to secure the border – they’re playing a shell game”. Homan added, “This is just another enticement… for more illegal aliens to cross the border to take advantage of a giveaway program.”  

Or Deportation Instead?

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Homan previously served in the Trump administration and has stated that he wants to help establish a “historic deportation program” should Trump be reelected in November. 

(Not) Open for All

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“A record number of migrants are dead, a record number of American citizens are dead, a record number of terrorists have crossed the border. And what’s your focus? Let’s get another giveaway program, which is going to entice more people to come. This is nothing but a political ploy,” Homan clarified. 

Much, Much More

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Former Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Joe Edlow, said that 500,000 qualifying individuals is the minimum figure when it comes to federal estimates of parole-in-place.  

A New State?

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Another expert claims that whether it’s 500,000 or many more people that will be allowed by parole-in-place to enter the US, the result will be a 51st state. 

Mass Amnesty To Come?

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Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts said: “[The White House] has articulated and will soon release details of what we think is going to be the largest mass amnesty scheme in American history. That’s not hyperbole. It’s true”.  

Reshuffling America

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Roberts, who previously served as a college president in Wyoming (the 50th most populated state), also added: “Having lived in Wyoming, adding the population of an entire state on top of more than 10 million illegal aliens who are already here is just more in fundamentally reordering America”. 

The Census Numbers

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According to 2020’s population census, Wyoming was home to a little over 576,000 residents, while Vermont (the 49th most populous state) had about 643,000.

No Comment for Now

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No further comments on this story were provided by The White House or ICE.

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