21 Similarities Between Flat Earthers and Climate Deniers

Exploring the worlds of Flat Earthers and climate change deniers reveals not just a shared skepticism but a complex web of denial, rooted in deep distrust and defiance of conventional science. Let’s delve into the compelling connections between these two groups, with insights from their outspoken proponents.

1. Unified in Science Rejection

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Both camps stand united in their rejection of mainstream science. Mark Sargent, a prominent Flat Earther, dismisses the Earth’s roundness as elaborate deception, much like Senator James Inhofe, who famously tossed a snowball in the Senate to debunk global warming, dismissing it as “the greatest hoax.”

2. Thriving on Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracies fuel both movements. Flat Earthers claim that space agencies like NASA fabricate evidence to maintain a round Earth myth, paralleling climate deniers like Marc Morano, who argues that scientists manipulate climate data to exaggerate warming trends for political gains.

3. Data Cherry-Picking

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Selective data interpretation is a common tactic. Flat Earthers cite the lack of visible Earth curvature as ‘proof’, ignoring vast astronomical evidence. Similarly, climate skeptic John Christy emphasizes short-term weather patterns over long-term climate trends to minimize concerns about global warming.

4. Fundamental Misunderstandings

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Fundamental scientific misunderstandings are rampant. Eric Dubay argues gravity is a hoax, much like Fred Singer’s denial of CO2’s impact on climate, showing a stark disregard for basic physics and atmospheric science.

5. Distrusting the Experts

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Distrust in experts spans both groups. The Flat Earth Society famously questions NASA’s credibility, echoing the sentiments of climate deniers like Steve Milloy, who frequently accuses climate scientists of manipulating data for funding and influence.

6. Pseudoscience as Proof

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Both groups lean heavily on pseudoscience. Patrick Michaels, a climate skeptic, uses misleading statistics to discredit climate models, similar to how Flat Earthers like Dubay misuse ancient texts to argue against a spherical Earth.

7. Echo Chamber Effect

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Echo chambers amplify their beliefs. Online forums and social media sites are battlegrounds where Flat Earthers and climate deniers bolster each other’s skepticism, often dismissing opposing views without consideration.

8. Ideology Over Evidence

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Ideological beliefs overshadow empirical evidence. Alex Jones, known for his conspiracy-driven rhetoric, dismisses climate change as a ploy for government control, mirroring the way Flat Earthers see the round Earth theory as a plot to deny a higher spiritual order.

9. Victimization Narrative

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Both groups portray themselves as victims of a larger misinformation campaign led by the media and scientific communities. This narrative strengthens their resolve and fosters a community identity against perceived oppression.

10. Ancient Wisdom vs. Modern Science

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References to ‘ancient wisdom’ are common, with Flat Earthers arguing that historical societies knew the Earth was flat, while climate deniers like Ian Plimer cite natural climate variations in Earth’s history as ‘proof’ that human impact is negligible.

11. Scientific Uncertainty as Disproof

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Both misuse scientific uncertainty as evidence that scientists are wrong. Flat Earthers highlight the inability to observe the Earth’s curve firsthand as proof of a flat Earth, while climate skeptics, like Richard Lindzen, point to uncertainties in climate modeling as reason to doubt global warming altogether.

12. Misrepresentation of Experts

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Flat Earthers and climate deniers often misrepresent or outright fabricate statements by scientists to support their views. This tactic misleads the public about the scientific consensus and fosters mistrust in scientific expertise.

13. Isolation from Mainstream Science

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Both groups maintain a staunch isolation from mainstream scientific discourse, choosing instead to create and inhabit parallel scientific communities that rarely interact with established research institutions.

14. Simplistic Explanations for Complex Phenomena

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Simplicity appeals to both groups. Flat Earthers explain away Earth’s day and night cycle with a spotlight sun, while climate deniers oversimplify the complex interplay of atmospheric gases, reducing it to inconsequential fluctuations.

15. Fear of Global Control

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Fear of global control motivates many deniers. Climate skeptics like Lord Monckton warn of sovereignty being eroded in the name of environmental protection, not unlike Flat Earthers’ fears of a globally orchestrated deception.

16. Overlapping Beliefs

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Not uncommonly, individuals who subscribe to one conspiracy theory easily embrace others, which explains why some climate deniers are also Flat Earthers. This crossover shows a shared foundation of skepticism and distrust.

17. Reinterpreting Symbols and Signs

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Both groups reinterpret symbols and signs to fit their narratives. Flat Earthers see NASA’s logos and mission patches as filled with hidden meanings, similar to how climate deniers interpret scientific graphs and data to suggest manipulation.

18. Personal Research Trumps All

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“Doing their own research” is a mantra. This often leads to citing out-of-context snippets from studies or using anecdotal evidence as proof against overwhelming scientific consensus.

19. Narrative Over Facts

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Narrative-driven arguments dominate over factual discourse. The emotional appeal of being part of a counter-culture movement often overshadows the desire for empirical understanding.

20. Reliance on Charismatic Leaders

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Both groups rally around charismatic leaders who articulate their fears and skepticism, reinforcing their beliefs and often encouraging a cult-like following among adherents.

21. Dismissal of Opposing Views

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Lastly, any opposing view is often dismissed outright without consideration. This dismissal is not just a rejection of differing opinions but a fundamental part of maintaining a cohesive group identity.

Science? No Thanks!

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Understanding these similarities offers insights not just into their beliefs but also into the broader dynamics of science denial in society. It’s a reminder of the power of community and belief over evidence and fact.

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