Is Biden Done? The Official Line Says ‘No’

However, big donors and media outlets remain very concerned about Biden’s ability to lead the country: “They’ve been hiding this” 

One Bad Day(?)

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Following last Thursday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the Bidens are showing no sign of changing tactics, labeling the event as a one-off bad day.

Biden’s Words 

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Biden, however, did acknowledge his poor debate performance at a North Carolina rally last Friday, stating: “I don’t walk as easy as I used to, I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to, I don’t debate as well as I used to… but I know how to tell the truth. I know right from wrong. And I know how to do this job, I know how to get things done”.


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During the weekend, Biden appealed to his donors at other events in New Jersey and New York, saying: “I promise you we’re going to win this election”.

Lies and Lies 

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But not everyone who witnessed the debate was as forgiving. Speaking on The Big Weekend Show on Sunday, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz stated: “The Biden administration and the Democrats have lied to us every single step of the way… They’ve been hiding this”. 

Obama Involved? 

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The former Utah congressman added: “I blame Barack Obama. He’s the one that told us that Joe Biden was going to be the guy, but he’s in obvious decline. They should have wrapped this up last year, and Joe Biden should be on his victory lap this year and let the process play itself out”. 

Who’s to Blame? 

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s family is encouraging him to stay in the 2024 presidential race and are privately discussing if his top aides ought to be let go following last week’s poor performance, as it has supposedly thrown his entire campaign into turmoil. 

Time Will Tell 

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But those who know Biden say he is known for being loyal to close advisers and doesn’t like firing aides. As of Sunday, it was unclear whether any major staff members were being let go.  

Family Time 

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According to Biden’s statement to CNN on Sunday, the Biden family (including first lady Jill Biden, son Hunter, and the grandchildren) got together at Camp David for a previously scheduled get-together: a planned photo session with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

NOT Damage Control 

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Biden’s senior advisers pointed out to CNN the day before that the family gathering was not intended to discuss whether the president should remain in the presidential race or not.

Jill in Charge? 

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As stated by NBC News insiders, Jill Biden would ultimately be the one to make any major decisions regarding Joe’s candidacy for a second term of office. To diminish speculation over the purpose of the Biden family fathering, a source said: “Any discussion about the campaign is expected to be informal or an afterthought”. 

Bad Press 

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But more negative reactions are starting to spill into public view, notably aimed toward some of Biden’s key staff members. John Morgan, Florida attorney and one of the most prolific and prominent donors of the Democratic Party, took aim at senior adviser Anita Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorney. 

X Marks the Spot 

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On Sunday, Morgan posted on X: “Biden has for too long been fooled by the value of Anita Dunn and her husband. They need to go … TODAY”.

The White House has not commented on Morgan’s post. 

Media Mayhem 

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But the negative press wasn’t limited to political circles. Multiple media outlets are also reporting on Biden’s poor performance, raising questions about the Democratic Party’s integrity, whether Joe Biden should continue running for president, and the possible consequences for the US’ future.

Time To Go? 

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The day after the debate, The New York Times published numerous columns from progressives, including Frank Bruni, Michelle Goldberg, Nicholas Kristof, and 

Thomas Friedman, expressing disappointment in Biden’s debate performance. More than one writer also stated that Biden should drop out of the race. 

Sticking up for Biden 

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Nancy Pelosi, former House speaker, defended Biden while taking aim at Trump. Speaking to MSNBC over the weekend, she stated: “Why do we talk all about Joe Biden? [Trump] is old, he doesn’t have a stream of thought that is logical, and nobody says anything about that. You saw on one side of the screen integrity, concern for people. On the other side, you saw dishonesty and self-serving lies”. 

What About America? 

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Meanwhile, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich has said, “The country is in a very dangerous position right now with the President of the United States in this cognitive state that everybody can see around the world”.  

A Bad Situation 

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“Democrats have known about this problem for months… Now we’re stuck with Biden, and now they’re really in a pinch. Given that the DNC convention is a month and a half away. The logistics here are very difficult when it comes to ballot access timing,” Pavlich said. 

Where’s Kamala? 

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But with voters’ trust in President Biden’s ability to lead the country declining, all eyes are turning towards Vice President Kamala Harris. According to Pavlich, “Her polling has always been below President Biden. And she didn’t even make it through the Democratic Party primary when she ran, so that’s not helpful to her either”. 

What to Do? 

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Pavlich continued: “But the question for Democrats now, as a party is not just who’s going to be in charge and [who is] going to run again, [it’s] what do we do with the vice president, who is very unpopular among the very small sliver of voters that they’re trying to talk to.”

Kamala Remains Positive 

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Harris busied herself over the weekend by axing rumors that she is seeking a replacement to finish the presidential race in place of Biden: “Because we’ve been in this fight before, I say with full confidence, we will win,” she said. “We will know what we stand for, so we know what to fight for.”

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