16% of Americans Don’t Believe in Global Warming

Surveys state that denialism is higher in the central- and southern US. 

Where Have You Been?

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Although it might sound like a new thing, we have been warned about the dangers of greenhouse gases for over half a century. 

Back to the 60s

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In March 1969, Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington State got a letter from a very angry constituent, who claimed to have seen poet Allen Ginsberg say on TV that “the current rate of air pollution brought about by the proliferation of automobiles” could cause “the rapid buildup of heat on the earth.”   

Blame the Cars

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Senator Jackson contacted presidential science adviser Lee DuBridge, who confirmed that Americans were indeed “filling the atmosphere with a great many gases and in very large quantities from our automobiles”, which could result in melted ice caps and a severely altered climate. 

A Yale Survey

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However, according to a recent Yale University survey, only about 16% of Americans (about 49 million people) don’t believe in climate change as of 2023.

The Red States

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Interestingly, the majority of those who feel climate change is a hoax seem to inhabit the central- and southern US. And it’s Republicans who are less likely to believe climate science is true. 

The Blue States

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In addition, the belief in global warming is most dominant along the country’s west- and east coasts, correlating with those areas’ high rates of Democrats. But skeptics can also be found within the blue states…

The California Climate

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For example, in Shasta County, California, nearly 52% of people don’t believe in climate change. Compare this to the statewide region, where less than 12% of Californians don’t believe that global warming is a real thing. 

A Word From an Expert

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Regarding the study, Michael Mann, climatologist and geophysicist at the University of Pennsylvania, says: “It comports with my understanding that there is a small but very vocal and active minority of the public that still denies the overwhelming evidence of human-caused warming”.

A Sizzling Summer

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Cut to summer 2023 which, according to a new study released in May this year, was the hottest in over 2,000 years!  

The Guessing Game

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Only a few years ago, researchers at Princeton, Boston College, and the University of Indiana conducted their own study. They asked Americans to guess the percentage of their fellow citizens worried about climate change. The answer? Between 37% and 43%. 


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However, the correct answer is 66% to 80%. As per the study’s authors, “Supporters of climate policies outnumber opponents two to one, while Americans falsely perceive nearly the opposite to be true”.  

Climate vs. Currency

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And while many Americans are anxious about the climate, another poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of CBS News states that more US citizens are worried about paying their bills.    

What’s Your Biggest Worry?

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A list of issues currently affecting the US was given to the 2,230 Americans who took part in the YouGov survey, and they were asked to rank them in order of importance.  

Not the Heat, Apparently

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According to the results, “climate change” was close to the bottom of the list, as only about 45% of participants deemed it as “very important”. 

Clean Water, Please

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Issues that ranked as bigger worries included inflation (79%) and crime (65%). And the study showed that over 70% of Americans were most concerned with “regulations to reduce toxic chemicals in drinking water”. 

Priorities, People!

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The survey proves that Americans are more concerned about their finances and rising costs than the government’s opinion on climate change. 

What’s Politics Got to Do With It?

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When asked if they could see a difference in climate change politics currently being speculated by the presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, most of the voters stated no.    

Not Getting Better

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In fact, more than half of the participants claimed that no matter who becomes the new US president in November, neither’s policies will improve the climate situation. 

Over in Florida

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Only last month, Miami Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that struck climate change from Florida state law. Meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin said that this culture war move was happening “in spite of the fact that the state of Florida in the last couple years has seen record heat, record flooding, record rain, record insurance rates, and the corals are dying all around the state”. 

There Are Two Camps

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Although MacLaughlin didn’t mention any names or political parties, he said: “We would never tell you who to vote for, but we will tell you this. We implore you to please do your research and know that there are candidates that believe in climate change and that there are solutions, and there are candidates that don’t”.

To Each His Own?

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The climate anxiety that a vast portion of America’s youth is suffering from won’t be fading away soon. And as the US remains politically divided, it seems that the varying opinions on global warming are also here to stay.   

Still Not Convinced

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Although support for policies on climate change has increased in recent years, it should be noted that the media and political discourse can have a big impact on the numbers. While many Americans are still uncertain, others are certain that climate change is nothing more than a scam designed to raise taxes. 

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