21 Famous Climate Change Deniers Having More Sway Than You’d Think

In the battle against climate change, some influential voices cast long shadows of doubt. These individuals, from politicians to business leaders, shape public opinion and policy with their skepticism.

1. Donald Trump

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Former President Donald Trump has consistently dismissed climate science, labeling it a “hoax.” Under his administration, the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Agreement, significantly impacting global climate efforts.

2. Mitch McConnell

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has opposed many climate change initiatives, arguing that proposals like the Green New Deal would cripple the U.S. economy without significantly impacting global temperatures.

3. Rupert Murdoch

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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose outlets include Fox News, has long questioned the validity of climate science. His media empire often highlights skeptical views, influencing millions.

4. Charles Koch

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As a co-owner of Koch Industries, Charles Koch has funded numerous organizations that oppose climate change legislation. His financial influence has shaped decades of energy policy debates.

5. Jim Inhofe

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U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe famously tossed a snowball on the Senate floor to dispute global warming. He has called climate change the “greatest hoax” and influenced environmental policy significantly.

6. Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed skepticism about human-caused climate change, attributing global warming to natural processes and geological epochs.

7. Scott Pruitt

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Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, appointed during the Trump administration, rolled back various environmental protections, openly questioning mainstream climate science.

8. Ted Cruz

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Senator Ted Cruz compares climate change activists to “flat-Earthers.” He argues that data on global warming is manipulated and that climate change is not a pressing issue.

9. Sarah Palin

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has questioned climate research, emphasizing economic growth over environmental regulation and casting doubt on human impacts on the climate.

10. Rick Perry

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Former Texas Governor and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has advocated for fossil fuels and expressed skepticism towards the scientific consensus on climate change.

11. Matt Gaetz

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Congressman Matt Gaetz, although proposing the “Green Real Deal,” has often downplayed the extent of human impact on climate change, focusing more on innovation without stringent regulations.

12. Marco Rubio

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Senator Marco Rubio acknowledges climate change but is skeptical that it is driven by human activity. He opposes many government-led environmental initiatives, citing economic concerns.

13. Steve Bannon

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Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, has promoted economic nationalism which often sidelines climate concerns in favor of “America First” policies.

14. David Koch (Now Deceased)

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Until his death in 2019, David Koch was a major funder of conservative causes, including groups that challenge climate science, which has left a lasting impact on the debate.

15. Mike Pence

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Former Vice President Mike Pence has a long history of questioning climate science, aligning with conservative groups that challenge the need for aggressive climate policies.

16. Rex Tillerson

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As former CEO of ExxonMobil and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has acknowledged climate change but resisted significant policy shifts, advocating for market-based solutions instead of regulation.

17. Paul Ryan

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Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan criticized climate policies for hurting the U.S. economy. He was known for questioning the efficacy and cost of federal climate initiatives.

18. Brett Kavanaugh

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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been critical of the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions, emphasizing a conservative interpretation of environmental laws.

19. Robert Murray (Now Deceased)

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Coal executive Robert Murray was a staunch advocate for the coal industry and a vocal critic of climate policies. His influence reached into the Trump administration’s energy policies.

20. Sean Hannity

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As a prominent Fox News host, Sean Hannity regularly casts doubt on climate science, often framing it as a plot against American freedoms and economic growth.

21. Rush Limbaugh (Now Deceased)

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The late Rush Limbaugh, a leading conservative radio personality, frequently dismissed climate change as exaggerated and politicized, influencing millions of listeners with his views.

Why It Matters

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The influence of these climate change deniers cannot be underestimated. Their ability to shape public opinion and policy creates significant challenges for environmental advocates and underscores the ongoing battle for the future of global climate policy. Their sway in political, economic, and media circles proves that in the climate debate, sometimes the loudest voices aren’t the most scientifically sound.

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