best hot composters for your garden

3 Best Hot Compost Bins – 2022

Check out the best hot composters for small and large gardens to use all year round.

Best Hot Bins For Composting

Hot composting has a number of benefits over traditional or “cold” composting – It allows you to compost all year round making it good for colder climates; breaks down waste faster which means you can compost a wider variety of food waste quicker, and it kills unwelcome pathogens and bacteria.

But choosing the right hot bin for your needs can be tricky as they come in different sizes and some are more efficient at creating the right temperatures than others.

So I’ve done the hard work for you and chosen 3 of the best hot composters on the market. These are split into 3 categories based on the best hot composter for small gardens; the best all-round composter and the best price hot compost bin.


  1. How does hot composting work?
  2. Best hot composter for small gardens
  3. Best all-round hot composter
  4. Best priced hot compost bin
  5. Key takeaways

How does hot composting work?

Hot composting works by reaching internal temperatures between 60-70 celsius (1.), which creates the right environment to break down organic matter such as garden and food waste – this is achieved within 4-12 weeks which is quicker than cold composting.

In order for hot composting to work your hot bin should be placed in the sun at least half full with a combination of 30% nitrogen-rich matter such as fruit & vegetable scraps and 70% carbon-rich matter like straws, twigs and shredded paper. (2.)

1. Hotbin Mini Composter

Best Hot Bins For Composting - The Hotbin Mini

*Best hot composter for small garden

Capacity: 100 litres

Dimensions: 115 x 45 x 45 cm


  • Lid thermometer
  • Cam straps (to keep unit airtight)
  • Internal Thermometer
  • Raking Stick
  • Leachate drainage cap


  • RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the year 2019
  • Space-saving design
  • Insulated 50mm wall
  • Requires less water


  • Designed for smaller gardens who produce less waste
  • Leachate system can be a little hard to get to

First up is the RHS Chelsea Product of the year 2019, Hotbin Mini Composter. – It is designed for smaller gardens that produce less food waste, making it one of the best hot composters for beginners or if outdoor space is at a premium.

It has a lid and interior thermostat so you can make sure its the right temperature for hot composting; has a 50mm insulated wall and cam straps to ensure there is an airtight seal when the bin is closed (important for hot composting), and a has leachate drainage system with a cap to collect liquids from composting to use as fertilizer.

However, collecting the liquids from the leachate drainage tap can be a little awkward and it doesn’t come with a custom made collection tray which means you will have to fashion your own.

This hot composter is also on the small side, at 100 litres so may not be suitable for larger gardens or if you produce a lot of food waste.

2. HOTBIN Compost Bin – Extra

Best Hot Bins For Composting - The Hotbin extra

*Best Hot bin all-rounder

Capacity: 200 litres

Dimensions: 62 x 55 x 114 cm


  • Insulated 50mm walls
  • Lid thermometer
  • Internal Thermometer
  • Raking Stick
  • Cam straps (to keep unit airtight)
  • Superior Lid Seal 
  • Leachate drainage cap
  • Angled internal base


  • Larger capacity
  • Can be used to compost biodegradable cups
  • Home or small business hot composter
  • Comes with a lot of features


  • Relativly expensive
  • Leachate system can be a little hard to get to

Next up is the Hotbin mini’s bigger brother and the best all-rounder, the HOTBIN Compost Bin Extra. At 200 litres, it is double the capacity of the mini which makes it suitable for larger gardens that produce more food waste and is also advertised as being suitable for small businesses.

It has a tonne of additional features, that include, a lid and Internal Thermometer, but also a superior lid seal to make sure it reaches the right temperature for hot composting (60-70 celsius); a bio-filter to reduce smells that attract vermin and flies and has a sloped internal base which funnels the liquid towards the drainage cap.

The only negative I can really see with is model is that again the leachate system can be a little hard to get to. It’s also on the top end in terms of price for hot composters which may discourage some with smaller budgets.

3. Johanna Hot Composter

Best Hot Bins For Composting - The Johanna hot composter

* Best Priced Hot Compost Bin

Capacity: 330 litres

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 95.3 cm


  • 1 x Mixing Stick


  • Compost 12 Months of the Year in almost all Climates
  • Very Large capacity
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Not many features for price

Last on the list is the best price Johanna hot compost bin, which is s a good choice if you are on a budget and looking for a Hotbin alternative.

It has a massive 330-litre capacity (largest of all the hot composters on the list) which means it’s good for a large garden and can easily handle garden and food waste generated by a large family making it one of the best hot posters.

Compared to the two Hotbins models, however, the Johanna hot composter is lacking in features, which may be a dealbreaker if you are looking for something that is more explicitly made for hot composting.

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Key Takeaways

If space is limited or you have a small family and don’t produce much garden or food waste I recommend going for the Hotbin mini.

It’s designed for small spaces, making it the best hot composter for small gardens and it has some very good features that make it efficient at reaching the right temperature to compost and has a draining system for leachate.

If on the other hand you are part of a larger household or small business and produce relatively more waste then go for the HOTBIN Compost Bin – Extra. – it is more expensive than the Hotbin mini but it is an upgrade not only in capacity but also the additional features you get such as a lid Seal and angled internal base

If you are on a budget and looking for the best price hot compost bin then the Johanna Hot Composter may be for you. It has a massive 330-litre capacity which should handle all you can throw at it (or into it) and it’s less expensive than the 2 Hotbin models.

However, it is a pretty basic model and lacking in features, which is to be expected with a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive models.

In short, if you want to get serious about hot composting and have the budget, I recommend going for either of the 2 Hotbin models as they seem to be designed with Hot composing in mind.


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