best heaters for small rooms and spaces

4 Best Portable Heaters For Small Rooms 2022

Heat small rooms and spaces with four of the best portable space heaters on the market.

4 Best Heaters For Small Rooms 2022

Space heaters are great for warming up small rooms spaces such as bedrooms, studio living and in the workplace on office desks – they also come in propane gas-powered versions which allows you to heat up a room with no access to electricity.

However, they are different types of space heaters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages which can get a bit confusing when you need one for a small space.

So what is the best heater for a small room?

The best heater for a small room is an oil-fill heater as it’s energy-efficient and cheaper to run than comparable models; can heat both small and large areas; continues to emit heat when turned off and a lot of models come with LCD displays.

However the are other types of space heaters you may want to consider- So to help you make an informed choice I’ve done the hard work for you and picked 4 of the best space heaters for small rooms.

These are chosen based on the main types of space heaters; Ceramic (also known as radiant heaters), fan heaters, oil-filled heaters and propane gas heaters.


  1. Differnt types of space heaters
  2. Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater 
  3. ANSIO Fan Heater
  4. Pro Breeze Digital Oil Filled Radiator
  5. Kingavon Portable Gas SpaceHeater
  6. Key takeaways


Different types of space heaters

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters (also known as radiant heaters) work by drawing electricity to heat the ceramic plates which in turn emits hot air.


  • Heats quickly
  • Runs quietly
  • Budget-friendly


  • Stops producing heat once turned off
  • Not good for larger spaces
  • Objects can block heat transfer

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are similar to ceramic heaters in that they draw electricity to heat metal coils, but instead of using ceramic plates to produce hot air, uses a fan system.


  • Provides instant heat and is good for warming up small rooms quickly
  • Compact and portable (easy to move around)
  • Can oscillate hot air
  • Can control heat output with a thermostat
  • Budget friendly


Oil-filled radiators

Oil-filled portable heaters run on electricity and have a diathermic coil which when heated, reacts to the oil to produce warm air.



  • Less portable
  • Not suitable for very small places such as desks
  • Takes longer to warm up (around 20 mins)
  • No oscillation feature
  • The surface can get hot to the touch
  • More costly

Gas heaters

Instead of using electricity, gas heaters use natural gas such as liquid propane gas as a power source to produce heat.



1. Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater 

4 Best Heaters For Small Rooms 2022 - Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan HeaterĀ 

* Best Ceramic Fan Heater (best budget)

Space Heater Type: Ceramic heater

Power Wattage: 2000 watts


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 2 Power Settings – 2000W (High) and 1200W (Low)
  • Oscillation
  • Automatic 60Ā° oscillation mode for heating larger rooms and spaces
  • Built-in overheat protection and anti-tip-over switch


  • Very portable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Automatic oscillation


  • Basic model
  • Takes longer to heat up

First up is the Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater and one of the best small portable heaters. It’s compact and portable which means you can use it in small rooms and spaces such as on or under a desk.

It also has 2 power settings (1200 & 2000 watts); an automatic oscillation feature which means you can warm larger rooms and areas and has built-in safety features such as overheating and anti-tip protection which means if it gets too hot or falls over it will automatically shut off.

Overall this is one of the best small space heaters if you are on a budget and are looking for a cheaper option to heat a small space or room.

2. ANSIO Fan Heater

4 Best Portable Heaters For Small Rooms - ANSIO Fan Heater

* Best Fan Heater

Space heater type: Fan heater

Power Wattage: 2000 watts


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 2 heat settings (1200 & 2000 watts)
  • Overheat and tip protection


  • Great for really small spaces
  • Very portable
  • Best budget


  • Not to be used with an extension cord
  • No oscillation feature
  • Can be noisy

Next up is the best budget ANSIO Fan Heater – it Is very compact and portable making it a great choice for a small room or space and is one of the cheapest types of space heater models on the market.

like the Pro Breeze mini heater it also has an adjustable thermostat to control heat, 2 heat settings and anti-tip and heat safety features.

However, the main drawback with the model is the manufacturer states it is not suitable to be used with an extension cord, so has to be plugged straight into a mains socket. This may be an issue if there are no sockets in the area you want to place it in.

Another drawback is that it doesn’t have an oscillation feature, which means it will only heat directly what is in front of it and not the whole space you are in.

3. Pro Breeze Digital Oil Filled Radiator

best heaters for small rooms - Pro Breeze Digital Oil Filled Radiator

*Best oil filled heater (best all-rounder)

Space Heater Type: Oil Filled radiator

Power Wattage: 2500 watts


  • 3 x heat settings (1000,1500,2500 watts)
  • Digital display & remote control
  • Eco-mode
  • On wheels
  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Safety tip-over switch and automatic thermal shutoff
  • 24-hour timer
  • Advanced chimney construction


  • Powerful
  • Full of features
  • Eco-mode for power conservation
  • Portable & slimline


  • Slightly bigger than fan & ceramic heaters
  • No oscillation feature
  • More expensive

The Pro Breeze Digital Oil Filled Radiator is the best all-rounder for heating small rooms and is my personal favourite.

It has a powerful heating system with 3 output settings (1000, 1500 & 2500 watts) which means it also be used in larger rooms if you decide to move it.

It is packed full of features, such as a digital control panel and remote control; it’s on wheels which makes it very easy to move from room to room and has a 24 timer so you can switch it off automatically if you go out or at night

It also has a very useful Eco-Mode for power consumption, allowing you to set your desired temperature with the radiator turning off once your room is warm enough.

The main negatives with the Pro-breeze digital are that it is slightly bigger than the 2 previous models which means it’s not suitable if you want it in really small spaces such as your office desk.

It is also on the top end of the budget for portable space heaters.

4. Kingavon Portable Gas SpaceHeater

best heaters for small rooms - King Avon Portable Gas Space Heater

* Best Gas heater

Space Heater Type: Gas space heater

Power: Gas


  • 3 Heat settings (1.4kW, 2.8kW and 4.2kW)
  • Built-in ignition button
  • Anti tilt safety system
  • Castors for easy movement


  • Can be used where there is no power source
  • Cheap to run


  • Not sold with butane gas cylinders
  • Less portable

Last on the list is the Kingavon Portable Gas SpaceHeater. It has 3 heat settings (1.4kW, 2.8kW and 4.2kW) a built-in ignition button; an anti-tilt safety system and is on castors which makes it portable and easy to move.

Gas space heaters are also a good option if you want to heat a small room that doesn’t have electricity such as a garage or garden outhouse.

However, this model is bigger than all the 3 models on the list which means it’s not a good option for tabletop use or very small spaces. You will also have to buy a gas cylinder separately which can further increase the cost of the overall unit.

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Key Takeaways

If you are on a budget and want the option to not only heat a small room but also a small area such as on or under a desk I recommend going for either the Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater or the ANSIO Fan Heater.

They are both budget-friendly, compact and portable which means they can easily be moved from place to place.

If on the other hand, you want the best space heater solely to heat a small room I definitely recommended the Pro Breeze Digital Oil Filled Radiator (the best all-rounder).

It’s packed full of features which come in handy for modern living and has an eco-mode which is good to reduce your power consumption (and costs) and in turn helps you do your bit for the environment.