About Eco Hugo

Eco-Hugo: Exploring Sustainable Living

At Eco-Hugo, we believe sustainability begins at home. Our mission is to educate and inspire sustainable living by upcycling and repurposing vintage, antique, and retro furniture, demonstrating how the old can become new again.

Our blog features informative articles on all aspects of eco-friendly interior design and living. You’ll learn how sourcing and incorporating vintage pieces can significantly reduce waste, discover creative upcycling ideas to give discarded items a renewed purpose, and find tips on minimalist decor for creating stylish spaces with a smaller environmental footprint.

Explore our blog categories, including vintage furniture guides, upcycling project inspiration, furniture care, and minimalist living essentials. Get inspired to breathe new life into mid-century credenzas, transform tired garden items, and more through imaginative eco upgrades.

Join us in our mission to appreciate the old, upcycle the forgotten, and cultivate more sustainable homes.

Meet the team


Eco-Hugo was founded in 2020, driven by the founder’s passion for mid-century furniture. With over five years of experience in buying and selling vintage pieces, he has honed an eye for quality across various eras and styles. His expertise enables Eco-Hugo to provide the best information on vintage, retro, and antique furniture and collectibles.


The co-founder combines her lifelong passion for DIY and crafting with a creative flair for upcycling and revitalizing tired, worn furniture and items. With an imaginative spirit and a commitment to eco-friendly makeovers, she highlights ingenious ways to transform discarded, forgotten pieces into unique, sustainable showstoppers.

Together, the founders share a love for vintage furniture and a commitment to sustainable living. Their educational and inspirational blog content reflects their expertise in identifying unique vintage pieces and offers DIY tips for breathing new life into forgotten items.

The co-founders’ complementary skills and passions unite on the Eco-Hugo blog, where they inspire and educate others on the art of vintage furniture and sustainable decor.