AWOL Abbott: Texas Governor Flees State As Hurricane Beryl Bears Down On His Constituents

Greg Abbott is in hot water with Texans. Why? Let’s take a look.

Beryl Hits the Lone Star State

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Hurricane Beryl has slammed into Texas, and people are furious with Governor Greg Abbott.

Mother Nature’s Fury Unleashed

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The storm roared in early Monday morning as a Category 1 hurricane and eventually weakened to a tropical storm. With it came heavy rains, strong winds, and serious flooding – stretching first responders thin in a race against time to rescue people from rising waters. 

Beryl’s Destructive Path

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Beryl left a trail of destruction in its wake in Mexico and the Caribbean, and now it was Texas’s turn. Days later, and power is out for almost three million homes and businesses – with officials warning it could take days before it’s back on.

Climate Change

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According to climate scientists, Beryl was so strong because of the “absolutely crazy” high temperatures of the “climate-change influenced ocean.” In the Caribbean, it reached Category 5 Hurricane strength with wind speeds up to 165 mph, resulting in 11 deaths. 

A Storm for the History Books

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It’s the first time America has ever seen such a strong storm at this time of year, one that grew quickly from a minor storm to Category 4 in just two days. 

Where’s Abbott?

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But where was Governor Abbott during all this? On a business trip to Asia, networking with leaders and officials in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. 

Business as Usual

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The trip was planned by the Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism Office and funded by the Texas Economic Development Corporation. While Abbott’s office has stated that the trip had been planned long before the hurricane’s approach was known, the timing couldn’t have been worse. 

Questionable Decisions in the Face of Danger

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Forecasts had predicted the storm’s devastating impact days before his flight, and many Texans are confused as to why he still decided to leave the state at such a perilous time.

Abbott’s Virtual Presence

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Despite Abbott’s no-show, he tried to assure Texans via social media that he was in constant contact with the Texas Division of Emergency Management and local officials to coordinate the state’s response to Hurricane Beryl. But that hasn’t gone down well with the public.

Texans Roast the Absent Governor

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His decision to carry on with the trip despite knowing the power of Hurricane Beryl has drawn sharp criticism on social media. Texas citizens have expressed their disappointment and anger, with many feeling like his physical absence spoke louder than his words of support.

Beryl’s Brutal Impact

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Beryl’s impact on Texas was severe. The storm knocked out power to nearly three million homes and businesses, which will take days to restore. CenterPoint Energy brought in thousands of extra workers to speed up the process, but the damage is extensive. Ten transmission lines are down, and there are power cuts across the state.

Houston, We Have a Problem

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Houston, already battered by multiple heavy storms in recent months, faced more flooding as high waters quickly closed streets and wrecked neighborhoods. Flood warnings were issued across a wide stretch of the Texas coast and further inland as heavy rain continued to fall. At least three people lost their lives as Beryl tore through the state.

Not Everyone’s Mad at Abbott

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Despite the uproar, some defended Abbott’s trip as crucial for Texas’s long-term economic health. 

Beryl’s Not Done Yet

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As Hurricane Beryl moves inland towards the Midwest, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have predicted that strong winds and sudden, heavy rains could cause problems in multiple states over the next few days.

Damage Control

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In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Abbott tried to calm the storm of criticism, saying, “Texas has probably the top division of emergency management in the country, and I just got off the phone with the chief of that division.”

Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Abbott’s comments, however, seem to have just fanned the flames. 

Experts Weigh In 

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The editor of the Quorum Report, Scott Braddock, was particularly critical, stating, “If his first priority was being Governor of Texas, he would be here during a Category One hurricane in the largest city in the state. But his ambition seems to be national and global. He wants to be on the world stage right now.”

Lieutenant Governor Steps Up

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Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been behind the wheel since Abbott went overseas. Patrick has assured the public that emergency plans are being implemented well and that he is in regular contact with Abbott.

The Storm After the Storm

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Abbott is expected to return on July 13, but the scrutiny and questions about his priorities will likely carry on long after the storm has passed.

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