Best Greenguard gold certified furniture brands

Best Greenguard Gold Certified Furniture Brands

Check some of the best companies who manufacture and sell low VOC furniture

Best Greenguard gold certified furniture brands

When we consider ways, our air is polluted its not uncommon to think of factories, cars, and vehicles, pumping toxic fumes into our atmosphere. But we rarely consider the polluting emissions a little closer to home.

Chemical emissions also known as VOCs are given off from our furniture and soft furnishings as well as the cleaning products and air fresheners that are commonly used inside our houses. 

One remedy to reduce the number of VOCs is by purchasing furniture and products with GreenGuard accreditation.  By purchasing Greenguard gold certificated products, we can go a long way to reduce these pollutants in our homes and protect our more vulnerable members of the household.

But what are the best Greenguard Gold Certified furniture brands? 

The best Greenguard Gold Certified furniture brands include furniture available from online company Wayfair, as well as from home furnishing retailer West Elm. 

But read on to explore the other companies getting in on the action like, award-winning Australian based Boori, with their non-toxic finishes and products exclusively designed for children. And Romina Furniture, whose eco-friendly ethos has earnt them Greenguard gold certified business accreditation. 


  1. Volatile Organic Compounds
  2. What is Greenguard certified furniture? Greenguard & Greenguard gold
  3. Wayfair
  4. West Elm
  5. Boori
  6. Romina Furniture 
  7. Key Takeaways

1. Volatile Organic Compounds 

All products give off Volatile Organic Compounds to some degree. We all recognise the smell of a newly painted room or the smell of a new car, and these aromas are all due to the VOC’s being emitted.  

Volatile Organic compounds, or VOCs as they are sometimes known, can be found in all sorts of products in the home. 

They can be found in the following:

  • Structural building materials. 
  • Paint, solvents, and adhesives.
  • Plastics and materials in interior finishes and furnishings. 
  • Cleaning goods and products. 
  • Electronic tools. 
  • Dry-cleaned clothes.

The Volatile Organic Compounds given off will depend upon the composition of the product. Some of the common chemicals released include formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, and methylene chloride.  With an estimated ten thousand possible chemicals on the US EPA list, these are just some examples that could be emitted and polluting the air in our home environments.    

The toxic effects from these VOCs can vary from light-headed and dizziness, headaches, and irritation to eyes and throat at low levels. Whereas, at higher toxic levels they can cause more long-term damage to the lungs, liver, kidneys with some even known to cause cancer.  

It’s, therefore, prudent to try and safeguard your family and your immediate environment from these polluting toxins.  It is especially important to reduce these numbers if there are babies, children, the elderly, or vulnerable members of the household with existing health conditions living in the home. 

2. What is Greenguard certified furniture? GreenGuard & GreenGuard Gold Certification

One remedy to a healthier home environment is by purchasing furniture with the Greenguard Certificate, which can go a long way to reducing these VOC emissions in our houses.  

The Greenguard Certificate is an accreditation given to products, by the Greenguard Environment Institute (GEI).  This independent, non-profit association was set up in 2001 as an air quality company. Their main goal was to reduce the air pollution in our homes, schools, and other institutes from the furnishings we use. 

With their extensive scientific testing and strict standards, they ensure that only products emitting low volumes of Volatile Organic Compounds carry their globally recognised certificates.  

With two tiers of certification, either Greenguard Certification or the Greenguard Gold Certification, you can be confident when you purchase a Greenguard certified furniture brand that the manufacturer’s sustainability claims are credible. 

If purchasing items of furniture suitable for children and vulnerable family members, look for furniture products with the Greenguard Gold Certificate.  This certificate indicates that these products have withstood their very rigorous testing standards and exhibited very low or no VOC emissions and generally use non-toxic water-based finishes. 

3. Wayfair 

One of the easiest ways to buy Greenguard furniture is through the online furniture company Wayfair.  

Finding Greenguard certified products is as easy as selecting the filter option of sustainable furniture and pressing go.  With a clear description of whether the product has the certification you require, there is no need to scroll through endless pages of description and read through all the fine print. 

With a variety of Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified furniture, in a selection of types and styles, you are sure to find something to match every home décor.

Whether you are looking for replacement tables, chest of drawers or flower planters.  Wayfair seems to have a great selection from several GreenGuard certified furniture manufacturers. 

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4. West Elm 

Another Greenguard certified retailer worth a mention is West Elm.  This online and in-store UK retailer is a subsidiary of Pottery Barn in the US and stocks a variety of sustainable home furnishing products.

With 60% of their products supporting at least one sustainability initiative, whether it’s FSC certified timber, fair trade certificated or Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certification, there is something for everyone at West Elm. 

Not only with sustainability in mind, West Elm, have a stylishly designed range of Greenguard certified Nursery furniture. 

With clean lines and a timeless style based around a mid-century design, they incorporate FSC timbers alongside the non-toxic water-based finishes making it ideal furniture for the littlest and most vulnerable members of the family. 

The Greenguard certified cribs even come with the adaptability of two height options and a conversion kit to turn into a suitable bed for a toddler, so can grow along with your child making it a great investment for your growing family. 

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5. Boori

Originally established in Sydney Australia, Boori now has stores across six countries and sell to over 1 million people worldwide.  Recognised by the “Loved by Parents” Awards, Borri is the proud award-winners of Best Ethical Brand in 2019. 

Utilising sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes, Boori is proud of their Greenguard Gold accredited status and were one of the first nursery brands to achieve the prestigious “Gold” award for their nursery-friendly paint finishes.

Specialising in furniture for newborns to teens, they have an extensive range of Greenguard furniture and mattresses inspired by nature. 

Their Greenguard certified bedroom furniture looks great and is beautifully crafted and designed.  You can sleep soundly knowing the Greenguard certified bed frames are made from sustainably managed timber, whilst the mattresses are chemical-free. 

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6. Romina Furniture

With a tagline of 100% Solid wood- 100% Greenguard Certified – 100% Made in Europe, Romina is a Greenguard certified furniture manufacturer worth considering for your next purchase. 

With impressive eco-friendly credentials, they rely on time-tested furniture building techniques and timeless designs.  They want their furniture to be passed down from generation to generation and so it is built to last with attention down to the smallest detail. 

With the environment in mind, they ensure that all their products are manufactured from sustainable timber, planting five saplings for every tree cut down.  Their designs incorporate a minimal waste philosophy by maximising each piece of wood. The remainder is then recycled or used to heat their design centre.  

By guaranteeing their factories carry out environmentally friendly processes including recycling as well as producing and manufacturing their own biofuel to power the operation. Their hard work has enabled them to be accredited to be a Greenguard Gold certified business. 

With an extensive array of stores being supplied worldwide, this Greenguard certified furniture brand is a sure-fire winner. 

Whether you are looking for Greenguard certified beds, dressers, cribs, or chest of drawers, the quality and craftsmanship of their products are exquisite. They come in a variety of styles, all with the Greenguard Gold certificate which ensures they have a piece of furniture suitable for every home to be passed down the generations as an heirloom. 

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Key Takeaways:

These are just a small selection of companies now offering Greenguard Certified furniture products with a choice of furniture suitable for all homes and all budgets. 

As part of Romina Furnitures philosophy, “Health is the Greatest Wealth” and by reducing the chemical emissions in our homes by shopping smarter, picking the furniture with the Greenguard certification will go a long way to providing quality air for our families and our immediate environment.