Biden vs Trump: Who’ll Destroy Our Planet Least?

When it comes to green policies, the differences between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are like night and day. Both have laid out their environmental visions, but who truly has the best plan for our planet?

1. Rejoining the Paris Agreement

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Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, showing a commitment to global emissions reductions. Trump exited the agreement, prioritizing industrial growth over environmental concerns.

2. Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

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Biden is working to reinstate environmental protections that Trump dismantled. Trump’s policies favored corporate profit over public health and ecosystems.

3. Support for Renewable Energy

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Biden aims to transform the U.S. energy grid to renewable sources by 2035, but progress is slow. Trump promoted coal, oil, and natural gas, hindering renewable energy advancements.

4. Vehicle Emission Standards

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Biden is pushing for tougher vehicle emissions standards, but compliance is slow. Trump lowered these standards, prioritizing economic gains.

5. Green Jobs

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Biden’s green job plan aims to revitalize the economy and reduce carbon footprints, but results are pending. Trump focused on bolstering the fossil fuel sector, ignoring green job potential.

6. Keystone XL Pipeline

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Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline permit, but similar projects continue. Trump supported the pipeline, ignoring environmental risks.

7. Public Lands

Biden shows interest in protecting public lands, but actions are limited. Trump reduced the size of protected lands, favoring extractive industries.

8. Climate Science

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Biden restored respectability to science with credible appointments. Trump dismissed climate science as a hoax, crippling federal climate response.

9. Environmental Justice

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Biden pledged to address environmental justice, but actions seem cosmetic. Trump largely ignored environmental justice issues.

10. International Leadership

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Biden seeks to reestablish U.S. leadership in climate initiatives. Trump’s policies pulled the U.S. back from international climate roles.

11. Fracking

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Biden imposed some fracking regulations but stopped short of a full ban. Trump promoted fracking as key to America’s energy strategy.

12. Methane Regulations

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Biden is working to tighten methane emissions regulations, but effectiveness is uncertain. Trump dismantled these protections, favoring industry profits.

13. Offshore Drilling

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Biden opposes new offshore drilling but hasn’t halted existing operations. Trump expanded offshore drilling rights, risking marine ecosystems.

14. Coal Industry

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Biden plans to phase out coal slowly. Trump revived and celebrated the coal industry.

15. Clean Water Act

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Biden aims to strengthen the Clean Water Act, but efforts are incomplete. Trump restricted the Act’s scope, reducing waterway protections.

16. National Environmental Policy Act

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Biden supports stricter NEPA enforcement. Trump gutted NEPA, accelerating project approvals without thorough reviews.

17. Endangered Species Act

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Biden is restoring protections weakened under Trump. Trump altered the Act to favor economic development over species preservation.

18. Climate Adaptation Plans

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Biden proposed significant funding for climate adaptation. Trump disregarded adaptation strategies.

19. Plastic Pollution

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Biden supports initiatives to combat plastic pollution but lacks strong enforcement. Trump ignored the issue of plastic waste.

20. Global Greenhouse Emissions

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Biden committed to ambitious emissions reduction targets. Trump downplayed the importance of reducing emissions.

The Verdict

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Biden’s policies are more environmentally friendly than Trump’s, but both fall short of necessary radical changes. We need deeper commitments to truly address the climate crisis.

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