US Warned Brace for Impact: As Deadly Heat Waves Become the New Normal, And It’s Going to Cost America Big

Researchers say extreme heat waves may become commonplace in America and across the globe. Full story. 

The Climate Is Changing

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According to a new study by the World Weather Attribution, the devastating heat wave experienced in Central America, the southern US, and Mexico was made 35 times more likely by climate change.  

Set to Repeat

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And as per the data, extreme heat waves are expected to occur every 15 years – possibly more if our climate continues to heat up. 

It IS Heating Up

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Compare that to the fact that, if we still had the climate of the year 2000, such heat waves would only repeat every 60 years. 

More and More Frequent

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That means that the average person in certain parts of the US and Mexico can suffer these heat waves at least five to six times in their lifetime.

Devastating Results

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Not only did the recent heat waves break temperature records in the region, but approximately 125 people in Mexico also lost their lives, although some say that is an undercount.

Getting Worse?

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Ruth Cerezo-Mota, climate scientist at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, says: “These are just the first impacts, in the short term. As this gets worse, the consequences as well will be worse”.

Much Too Hot

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About 95 million people across the US are battling record-high temperatures (5-15 °F above normal levels), and experts say it’s expected to continue until at least the early part of this week. 

A Costly Climate

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has stated that natural disasters and severe weather conditions (including tornadoes and winter storms) have caused over $25 billion in damages across the United States. 

A Warm Week Ahead

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As for the week ahead, citizens from South Dakota to Florida can brace themselves for temperatures well into the 90s, plus triple-digit heat index readings. Over a dozen US states have also been placed on heat alert.  

Heat and Heavy Rains?

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And while the Black Sea region’s dry weather can cause major damage to Europe’s sunflower- and corn yields, heavy rains expected after record-breaking temperatures in the US are threatening to damage local crops, which could hurt international supplies while also hiking up prices. 

Across the Pond

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According to Chris Hyde, a meteorologist at Maxar, Colorado, “The weather forecast for the Black Sea region is a big red flag”, especially when combined with the dryness and under-average rains expected for July and August.  

Crop Chaos

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As more and more countries are feeling the effects of climate change, record heat readings in important global growing regions have postponed planting and hurt developing crops. 

It’s Not Just the US

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Currently, vast areas of farmland in China, India, Russia, and parts of the US are bracing themselves for more hot conditions and below-normal rainfall. 

Quality Downgrade

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Known as a top food exporter, the US’s intense heat has resulted in the government reducing the percentage of corn and soy rated as “good”. But excessive rains in the Midwest growing area, coupled with more wet weather, are now raising fears of floods. 

Too Wet or Too Dry?

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Hyde stated: “In the Midwest, the focus is shifting from heat to too much rain, which could result in flooding on corn and soybean producing areas, especially in the Upper Midwest”.

And Now, Flooding

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Thanks to flooding this past weekend, especially in parts of Iowa, various rivers in the Midwest have reached record-high levels. Citizens in the area, including those in Chicago, Des Moines, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis have been warned to brace themselves for more severe weather this week. 

No Joke

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On Sunday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stated: “I can tell you that the devastation is severe and widespread”.

Watch the Road

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Chief Executive Officer of Cooperative Farmers Elevator, Rob Jacobs, said that major flooding affected various locations, mentioning roads being washed out and feed mill facilities being swamped. 

Water and More Water

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Jacobs also added that, apart from tunnels that are used for loading grain bins being flooded, various warehouses used for storing seeds and farm chemicals were also filled with up to 18 inches of water. 

What’s the Damage?

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At the moment, most analysts stated that it’s too early to predict the costs of crop damage experienced from flooding. 

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