How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style

How to Decorate Your Room In A 1980s Style

80s Style Interior Design: Recapture the Decade’s Bold Trends for Your Home

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style

Interior design trends tend to resurge in popularity years later, and the vibrant style of the 1980s has made a comeback in recent times. The eclectic decade of bold colors, geometric shapes, and pop culture nostalgia has inspired people to bring retro style into their modern homes.

With this renewed interest in 80s aesthetic, how can you decorate your room in an authentically 80s style? You can do this quite simply by using the era’s iconic color palettes, neon lighting, memorabilia, geometric furniture shapes, and retro graphic prints on soft furnishings.

In this article we will explore ideas like using neon signs, displaying your 80s pop culture collection, choosing furniture with unconventional shapes, and adding bold abstract patterns to bedding and wall decor.

Use an 80s Color Palette

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Use an 80s Color Palette

Color was big and bright in the 80s. Decorating in authentic 80s style means using colors like electric blue, purple, hot pink, neon green and bright yellow. You can paint one accent wall in a vivid hue like a bright purple or opt for a two-tone wall with a bold color on top and neutral on bottom.

Incorporate colors through soft furnishings like bedding, rugs, lamp shades and cushions. Pair a bright blue duvet with multicolored geometric throw pillows. Hot pink or neon green lamps and lampshades create an instant 80s look.

Other hues popular in the 80s included pastels like mint, peach, soft yellow and lilac. Pastel furniture paired with a bright neon rug channels a retro vibe. Combine bold brights with pretty pastels by using a soft peach accent wall with hot pink curtains. This combo of vivid brights and pale pastels creates a true 80s color scheme.

Incorporate Neon Lighting

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Incorporate Neon Lighting

Nothing says 1980s quite like neon lighting. To decorate your room 80s style, neon is a must. Use neon strip lighting around mirrors, under beds, behind headboards or shelving to give a retro glow to the space. Position neon lighting behind a clear acrylic desk or vanity to illuminate the furniture.

Neon signs featuring 80s pop culture references or sayings like “Totally Awesome” or “Radical” make great wall decor. For a stand-out statement, get a neon 80s style name sign made with your name on it. Place it on the wall above your bed or on a dresser. Neon signs with 80s lyrics, movie quotes or the decade’s bubble letter font provide instant neon accents.

Display 80s Music, Movie and Pop Culture Memorabilia

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style  - Display 80s Music, Movie and Pop Culture Memorabilia

Filling your space with nods to 1980s pop culture is key for nailing the 80s aesthetic. Posters of 80s movie classics like The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing make awesome wall art. Frame album covers from favorite 80s bands like Guns N’ Roses, Duran Duran, Blondie and Madonna.

Figures of 80s icons like ET, Pac-Man, Mario, Luigi or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles add a fun retro touch on shelves or desktops. Display He-Man and She-Ra action figures posing together for a kitschy 80s vibe. For an 80s gallery wall, mix and match posters, photos and artwork with an 80s vibe. Cut out and frame magazine ads of retro brands like Atari, Reebok and Nintendo.

Choose Geometric Retro Furniture

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style -Choose Geometric Retro Furniture

The 1980s were all about bold geometric shapes. Look for statement furniture with triangular, diamond, octagonal, oval or cubed shapes and silhouettes. A cabinet or shelving unit with an unconventional triangular outline has a very 80s look. Search for a desk, dining table or sofa with a chunky octagonal silhouette and pair with acrylic bubble chairs for contrast.

Geometric patterns were also popular, so keep an eye out for furniture with diamond, diagonal or crisscross designs. Dressers, nightstands and entertainment units with bold geometric hardware like faceted handles or knobs also provide retro geometric accents.

Pair geometric furniture with round bubble chairs, egg chairs or acrylic pieces to complement the space. The structured shapes juxtaposed with fluid, transparent furniture creates that retro aesthetic.

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Add Abstract and Zigzag Patterns to Soft Furnishings

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Add Abstract and Zigzag Patterns to Soft Furnishings

Jazz up bedding, rugs, cushions and curtains by adding abstract and geometric prints like zigzags, squiggles, lightning bolts, irregular stripes and splatter designs. These dynamic graphic prints epitomize 80s style. Use patterns in one or two key areas, like zigzag bedding and an abstract print rug, avoiding an overly busy look.

Stick to black and white patterns or colors from the 80s palette like electric blue, neon pink or purple. Look for designs with a paint splatter or airbrush effect for a totally 80s aesthetic. Search Etsy for custom sellers who can make authentic retro geometric bedding, pillows or prints to order.

Use Technological Nostalgia

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Use Technological Nostalgia

Showcase old technology to highlight 80s nostalgia. Display cassette tapes, VHS tapes or vinyl records to nod to 80s music formats. Make a DIY cassette tape art display using empty plastic cases. Stack classic 80s board games like Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Clue or Rubik’s Cube in a games area.

Vintage gaming consoles like the Nintendo NES, GameBoy, Atari and Sega add retro fun. Set up an 80s console like an Atari 2600 and play Pac Man or Frogger on a period correct wood-paneled television for ultimate nostalgia. Other electric nostalgia like boomboxes, Walkmans, Landline phones and roller skates bring the decade to life.

Create an 80s Gallery Wall

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Create an 80s Gallery Wall

Gallery walls displaying a mishmash of framed posters, photos and prints were popular in the 80s. Create your own gallery wall featuring 80s movie posters, album covers of favorite retro bands, prints of Pac Man or neon grids, iconic photos of 80s celebrities or even pictures of yourself as an 80s baby.

Mix different frame sizes like small 5×7” prints next to large 24×36” posters. Use rectangular white frames next to unconventional shapes like octagons. Arrange pieces in an asymmetrical layout, clustering some together while spacing others out. Paint a wall fuchsia and display black and white gallery wall art for bold contrast. A gallery wall is the perfect way to show off all your favorite 80s memorabilia.

Incorporate Rubix Cubes and Other 80s Toys into Decor

How to Decorate Your Room 80s Style - Incorporate Rubix Cubes and Other 80s Toys into Decor

If decorating a boy or grls room 80’s style its a good idea to use iconic 80s toys and games as decorative touches. Place a completed Rubix Cube on a shelf or desk. Frame original 80s Rubix Cube packaging as geometric wall art. Display Lego Minifigures and sets from themed 80s collections like Space Police on shelves.

Dot Sears, 1980s Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls or My Little Ponies on bedside tables or bookcases for playful retro style. Display Transformers, He-Man, She-Ra and Thundercats action figures on desks and shelves as if frozen mid-action pose. The more 80s figurines and toys you can work into the space, the more authentic the retro look will be.


The 1980s were a bold, eclectic time for design and pop culture. By using the era’s colorful palette, neon lighting, memorabilia, geometric shapes and graphic prints, you can bring retro style to your living space. The key to decorating your room 80s style is displaying items that celebrate the music, movies, toys and trends that defined this vibrant decade.

Use the tips and ideas in this article to give your bedroom or living room an authentic 1980s makeover. Paint bright fuchsia accent walls, illuminate furniture with neon lighting, and display your favorite 80s toys and pop culture icons.

With statement geometric furniture, shelves of nostalgic 80s electronics, and prints and patterns straight out of the 80s, you can create a dynamic space with a totally radical retro vibe. Let your love for this eclectic decade shine through loud and proud in your interior design.