Is Your State Part of the Green Job Boom?

Ready for a career that helps the planet? The renewable energy sector is booming across the U.S., offering diverse and growing job opportunities. Here’s a look at the top 22 states leading the way, with specifics on job types and industry growth.

#1. California

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California leads the U.S. in renewable energy jobs, especially in solar and wind. The state boasts over 100,000 solar jobs and has major wind farms that continually expand, like the Alta Wind Energy Center.

#2. Texas

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Texas, known for oil, is also the top state for wind energy, generating over 20% of its electricity from wind. It’s home to 25,000+ jobs in wind energy alone, not to mention its rapidly growing solar market.

#3. New York

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New York aims to reach 70% renewable energy by 2030. This ambitious goal is powering job growth, particularly in wind energy, with projects like the South Fork Wind Farm expected to create thousands of jobs.

#4. Iowa

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Iowa is a leader in wind energy, generating more than 40% of its electricity from wind. This sector supports approximately 9,000 jobs, and the state continues to invest in training programs for wind technicians.

#5. Arizona

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With one of the highest potentials for solar power, Arizona has over 7,000 solar jobs. The state is expanding solar farms and residential installations, driving demand for both construction and technical expertise.

#6. Colorado

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Colorado’s renewable sector is rapidly expanding, especially in solar, with the state government committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2040. This has spurred growth in solar installation jobs across the state.

#7. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is a hub for solar energy innovation, supporting over 10,000 jobs in the sector. The state’s commitment to renewable energy also boosts job openings in research and development.

#8. Illinois

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With policies supporting renewable growth, Illinois has seen a spike in solar and wind projects, particularly in rural areas, leading to a rise in jobs not only in installation but also in maintenance and operations.

#9. Oregon

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Oregon excels in solar and hydroelectric power, offering over 5,000 jobs in these fields. The state’s incentives for renewable installations continue to drive employment opportunities.

#10. Washington

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Washington leads in hydroelectric power, providing thousands of jobs, and is expanding into solar and wind. The state’s commitment to eliminating coal power by 2025 further secures job growth.

#11. Minnesota

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Minnesota’s wind and solar sectors employ over 6,000 people. The state’s legislative push for renewable energy assures ongoing investment and job creation.

#12. North Carolina

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North Carolina’s solar industry employs over 6,000 workers, with large solar farms increasing the demand for skilled labor in installation and grid integration.

#13. Nevada

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Nevada’s solar industry supports 6,500+ jobs, with projects like the Gemini Solar Project set to significantly increase job opportunities.

#14. New Mexico

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Wind and solar sectors in New Mexico are surging, with state policies aimed at 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. This drives demand for thousands of jobs in construction, engineering, and project management.

#15. Michigan

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Michigan’s renewable job market, particularly in wind energy, is growing with government support for new projects. The state provides extensive training programs to support workforce development.

#16. Pennsylvania

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The Keystone State is investing in solar energy, adding thousands of jobs across the state in manufacturing and installation roles.

#17. Hawaii

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Hawaii aims for 100% renewable energy by 2045. The state’s unique position makes it a leader in solar and bioenergy jobs, particularly for engineers and technicians.

#18. Virginia

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Recent legislation in Virginia has spurred growth in solar and wind energy jobs, with major offshore wind projects set to create thousands of new positions.

#19. Florida

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Florida’s expanding solar industry is expected to add over 4,000 jobs in the next five years, particularly in installation and maintenance roles.

#20. Utah

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Utah’s growing solar sector employs over 6,000 people and continues to expand, benefiting from state incentives and natural solar resources.

#21. New Jersey

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With aggressive renewable energy targets, New Jersey’s solar industry supports over 7,000 jobs, with more expected as the state pushes towards 50% renewable energy by 2030.

#22. Maryland

Maryland’s investment in both offshore and onshore wind projects is opening new job avenues, particularly for those skilled in maritime and technical disciplines.

Your Path to a Greener Future

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These states not only represent leaders in renewable energy but also offer exciting career paths for those looking to make a difference. With significant investments in renewable projects, each state provides a unique opportunity to jumpstart or advance your career in an industry that promises growth and sustainability. If you’re passionate about contributing to a cleaner, greener planet, these states are where you can put your skills to work and help shape the future of energy.


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