Nevada’s Lithium Boom: America’s Answer to China’s Iron Grip on Energy

Big news as the government shifts towards domestic mining of a mineral that’s going to be key to America’s future. Let’s take a look at what that could mean for you.

Tapping into Nevada’s Lithium Reserves

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The Biden administration is eyeing up a potential goldmine in the lithium-rich lands of Nevada. Lithium, often called “white gold,” is key to powering electric vehicles (EVs) and storing energy from wind and solar power. 

America’s Key to Energy Independence

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The administration is hoping this push will boost U.S. energy security and reduce our dependence on China.

Why Lithium Matters

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Lithium is essential for the batteries that run EVs, smartphones, and even renewable energy systems. 

Growing Demand for Lithium

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The demand for this mineral is expected to soar in the coming years as the world shifts towards greener technologies.

A Tiny Slice Of The Global Pie

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Despite having some of the world’s biggest lithium reserves, the U.S. has only one operational lithium mine in Nevada (Albemarle’s Silver Peak) – making up a tiny fraction of the global lithium production.

Imports Over Domestic Production

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Instead of mining, the U.S. imports most of its lithium from Argentina and Chile – part of the “lithium triangle” in South America. 

China’s Place On The Stage

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But because of this, China has grown to dominate the global lithium market, handling just under 60% of the world’s supply.

From Importing to Mining

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Gracelin Baskaran, a critical minerals security expert, explained, “We’ve been very happy importing it, particularly from South America,” but now that the government has “realized that minerals could be weaponized” and “demand was going to be higher than we initially forecasted” that sentiment has changed.

America’s Wake-Up Call 

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Federico Gay, a lithium analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, explains, “The U.S. realized, recently, that it lost control of the lithium supply chain to China.

Biden’s Strategy

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So, in a bid to change America’s global standing, the Biden administration is planning to use the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and some hefty private investments to jump-start domestic lithium production. As Chris Berry, an expert on metals, puts it, “The United States has very aggressive – and grandiose – ambitions with respect to lithium mining in particular.”

American Battery Technology Company’s Impact

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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently visited Nevada, where the startup American Battery Technology Company opened its new lithium-ion battery plant, which received a $115 million grant from the DOE.

Job Creation Boost in Nevada

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Granholm mentioned that 19 companies have announced openings in Nevada due to the IRA. “It’s very exciting to be able to compete with China and really not allow all of these jobs to leave without us doing something about it,” she told reporters. For the average American, this means more job opportunities and economic growth in regions like Nevada.

Tax Incentives Driving New Mining Projects

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The administration is using the IRA to strengthen domestic mineral supplies through tax incentives, which has led to many new mining projects across Nevada and the country.

The Key to U.S. Energy Security

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Billions are being invested in projects like Lithium Americas’ Thacker Pass and Ioneer Ltd.’s Rhyolite Ridge, both in Nevada. Granholm called Thacker Pass “a treasure trove of lithium – key to strengthening U.S. energy security and electrifying America.”

Lower Costs and Increased EV Availability

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For everyday Americans, this push could mean more jobs, particularly in areas like Nevada. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, increased domestic lithium production should eventually lead to lower costs and more availability. Plus, strengthening U.S. energy security helps reduce our dependence on foreign sources, which can be a big deal during global supply chain disruptions.

Net Zero Goals 

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Domestic production also improves your chances of cheaper electricity bills as the country moves towards its goal of net zero by 2050.

Challenges Ahead

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However, the road ahead is going to be tricky. There’s a huge labor shortage in the mining industry, and many lithium-rich areas are near Indigenous lands. This has raised environmental and social concerns.

Financial Challenges

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Lithium prices can also be highly volatile, which complicates financing for new projects. Recently, prices have dropped, which has affected the stock prices of major miners. Tom Moerenhout from Columbia University explains, “Falling lithium prices with high interest rates is not the best environment to attract financing for projects like this.”

Lithium Mining vs. Refining

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While the U.S. has the expertise to mine lithium, refining it is another story. It’s an area that China currently leads in and one that will be very challenging to break into.

Securing a Stable Energy Future

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The Biden administration’s push for a domestic lithium boom could mean job opportunities, more affordable green technologies, and a more secure energy future. It’s a crucial step towards net zero, but it will be a tough road to take.

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