Ted Cruz’ Hurricane Warning Backfires as Critics Rush to Roast Texas Senator

All Senator Ted Cruz wanted to do was warn constituents about an incoming natural disaster – instead, his warning reminded people of his own PR disaster from a few years prior, leading to online mockery. 

Hurricane Beryl Strikes

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Hurricane Beryl, the first hurricane of the season, has hit Texas, causing destruction and widespread power outages. While warning the wider public would be common sense for most Texan public figures, it has backfired spectacularly for one notable politician. 

Ted Cruz Posts

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took to X, formerly known as Twitter on Sunday to alert his followers about the incoming Hurricane. 

Mattress Mack Makes Announcement

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It began with a video from Jim McIngvale, also known as “Mattress Mack,” the business owner of the furniture company Gallery Furniture in Houston. 

A Reliable Local Business

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McIngvale was offering help to Houston citizens affected by Hurricane Beryl when Cruz stepped in. His company is well-known for offering care and support to community members during natural disasters, even using his stores as shelters for people driven out of their homes.

Cruz Throws in Support and Public Warning

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The high-profile politician shared McIngvale’s video in a post of his own, writing “Mack is an American hero. Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

A Viral Misstep

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From virtually any other politician, the hurricane warning would have been taken at face value. But coming from Cruz, it hit a nerve. 

A Reminder of Past Faux Pas

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The post quickly turned into a widespread joke across the platform from users who remembered Cruz’s behavior during a previous natural disaster that hit the state.

Fled Ted in Cancun?

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“You Tweeting from Cancun Fled Ted? We all know you’re NO Hero,” one user responded shortly after the post. “Leaving town? Again?” another chimed in. 

The Internet Remembers

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The flood of commenters were making references to one of Cruz’s biggest career faux pas’, relating to climate warnings and natural disasters. 

Under Fire for Cancun Trip

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Back in 2021, the Lone Star senator came under fire for taking an extremely poorly-timed vacation to Cancun, Mexico, during a historic winter storm.

Winter Storm Uri

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Winter Storm Uri raged from February 13 to February 17 of that year, cutting off electricity and water across the state for days and resulting in 246 deaths. 

Family Vacation for Cruz

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During that same week, reports confirmed that Ted Cruz had fled the ensuing disaster with his family, flying to Cancun for a sunny vacation while thousands of his constituents were bracing for the effects of power outages, food and water shortages, and more. 

Abandoning the State

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The story gained nationwide prominence with reports across the country skewering Cruz for effectively “abandoning” the state during the worst storm that many Texans had ever endured in their lifetime.

A Regrettable Move

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Cruz would later express regrets for taking the trip during winter storm Uri after being broadly berated by Democrat and Republican peers alike. “Look, it was obviously a mistake and in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” he later said in an interview with Houston TV station KTRK-TV.

Are You Even Here?

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No surprise then that Cruz’s warnings over Hurricane Beryl fell on unsympathetic ears. “Is Ted Cruz even in the state? I’d guess not,” one user commented.

Harsh Jokes for Ted

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“Ted Cruz and his family abandoning his constituents before Beryl makes landfall,” another bluntly joked. 

Political Commenters Roast Him

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It was not just little-known users who hit out at Cruz for his messaging. More high-profile commenters, such as political commentator Robert Elisberg, also took aim at the politician.

An Unfortunate Reminder

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“There’s such a PROFOUND LACK of self-awareness in this from Ted Cruz, retweeting someone saying “We’re here for you” before a natural disaster,” Elisberg wrote. “Which only serves to remind people that Mr. Cruz infamously was NOT “here” for Texas during an earlier natural disaster, but in Cancun.”

Governor Faces Similar Criticisms

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Cruz’s holiday horror from three years ago also has a surprising parallel this week, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott faces criticisms of his own for being overseas as Hurricane Beryl makes landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Away on Development Mission

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Some constituents are unhappy that Gov. Abbott is away on a week-long economic development mission in Asia. He has attempted to reassure constituents by confirming his “daily contact with Texas Division of Emergency Management & local officials” in preparation for the hurricane.

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