Trump’s Climate Catastrophe: Could a Second Term Doom the Environment?

Could a Trump presidency create issues for the environment? Let’s take a look.

Expert Worries

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As we move closer towards the November U.S. Presidential elections, climate experts have begun to worry about a Biden loss. The stakes are high, considering Trump’s past campaign pledges and his current commitment to rolling back Biden’s energy policies.

A Fossil Fuel Comeback Tour

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Trump’s mission has been laid out quite clearly: to boost fossil fuel production while dismantling climate policies. It’s a campaign that promises a return to the past, one that has scientists and climate experts worried it could set back the world’s efforts to combat climate change by decades.

The Pre-Election Ripple Effect

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The election is still months away, but Trump’s influence is already making waves. He’s trailing closely behind President Biden in the polls and has been very clear about his intentions: more oil, more gas, and a lot less focus on climate change. “Drill, baby, drill,” as the former president once put it.

Trump 2.0

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Trump’s latest campaign is a long way from his 2016 run for the White House, where climate issues were barely mentioned. This time, he’s targeting Biden’s key climate policies – including the Inflation Reduction Act and regulations aimed at reducing power plant and vehicle emissions. 

A First Week Frenzy

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If Trump wins, expect swift action. Experts predict that within the first week alone, Trump will gut multiple Biden-era climate policies. Executive orders protecting 13 million acres in Alaska from drilling? Gone. Efforts to increase the number of electric vehicles? Scrapped. 

Au Revoir, Paris?

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Trump has also hinted at pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement once again and maybe even exiting the global climate treaty.

Scientists Sound the Alarm

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Climate scientists are worried that rolling back Biden’s climate policies would isolate the U.S. from its allies and also complicate the climate crisis at one of the worst possible moments. 

Hot Problems

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The U.S. is already feeling the strain from weeks of record-level heat waves, and new data has shown the Earth has been much hotter than usual in the past year.

The Hottest Year on Record

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From July 2023 to June 2024, temperatures were about 2.7°F higher than they were before we started using fossil fuels heavily (around 200 years ago). This is the hottest 12-month period ever recorded and has experts worried as the Paris Climate Agreement was created in 2016 to limit global warming by 2.7°F – a threshold scientists warn could lead to severe climate impacts.

Clean Energy vs. Energy Dominance

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Scientists argue that quick deployment of clean energy is crucial if the planet is to avoid irreversible damage, but Trump’s policies would steer the nation away from renewable energy into fossil fuel “energy dominance” instead.

The Conservative Climate Playbook

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Behind Trump’s agenda is Project 2025, a detailed plan crafted by conservative groups. This blueprint includes ramping up oil and gas leasing on public lands, cutting back the EPA’s power, and eliminating clean-energy programs. 

A $22 Million Plan

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The Heritage Foundation, which is backing the $22 million initiative, wants to develop vast oil and gas resources while downplaying the climate crisis.

Fossil Fuels Forever

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At rallies, Trump hasn’t minced words about his disdain for Biden’s climate policies. He’s promised to roll back regulations and push America back to fossil fuels. “No one has done more damage to the American oil and gas industry than Joe Biden,” Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt told CNN. 

Trump’s Environmental Impact

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What could a second Trump term mean for the environment? Here are the five biggest impacts, according to scientists and analysts:

Skyrocketing Emissions: Trump’s policies could add 4 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. That’s like adding the combined annual emissions of the EU and Japan. The cost would be over $900 billion in climate-related damages.

Forget About Global Emissions

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Paris Agreement Withdrawal: Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would affect global efforts to curb emissions.

No More Net Zero

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Net Zero Goals: Reduced support for renewable energy could mean more fossil fuel demand for at least a decade – making net zero emissions by 2050 a distant dream.

Clean Energy Investment Freeze

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Investment Freezes: Plans to reverse initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act could jeopardize $1 trillion in low-carbon energy investments, slowing the growth of electric vehicles and clean energy infrastructure.

Pollution Proliferation

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Increased Pollution: Rolling back environmental regulations would mean more pollution, leading to thousands of extra deaths annually due to poor air quality.

Democrats’ Climate Cash Dash

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Anticipating a Trump win, Democrats in Congress added a $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to the Inflation Reduction Act. The EPA has to spend this money by September 30 – just before the election – in an effort to make sure the money is used before Trump potentially takes office and reverses Biden’s climate policies.

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