Vintage Lamp Manufacturers List

Vintage Lamp Manufacturers List From The Mid-Century Era

Learn about the companies that produced the iconic lamp designs that defined the mid-century modern aesthetic.

Vintage Lamp & Lighting Manufacturers List

The mid-century modern design movement produced some of the most iconic and innovative lighting the world has seen. The period from roughly the 1930s to the 1970s brought revolutionary lamp designs from Scandinavia, America, Italy, and beyond. Legendary designers pushed the boundaries of form and function.

Today, these vintage mid-century lamp styles are more popular than ever. The atomic era lighting represents quality craftsmanship and timeless, often sculptural, aesthetic.

Below is an extensive list of notable vintage and antique lamp manufacturers active during the mid-century heyday. The table outlines where each influential lighting company was based, their years of operation, and some of their most iconic lamp models produced.

Studying this list can help you identify vintage lamp makers from markings, designs, and other indicators. It provides an overview of the most important companies that shaped lighting in the retro era.

Artek (Finland)

  • Finnish company founded in 1935 by the renowned architect Alvar Aalto along with his wife Elissa and art promoter Maire Gullichsen. Artek is known for shades made from natural woven and pliable materials like rattan, reed and rice paper that created diffused ambient lighting. Signature designs include the painted steel A331 pendant lamp, A330S lamp with a bent laminated wood arm, and A810 floor lamp with an adjustable reflective shade.

Anglepoise (UK)

  • Created by British automotive engineer George Carwardine in 1935. Anglepoise is most famous for the iconic Anglepoise Original 1227 lamp with its unique spring arm mechanics consisting of Hero Ford patents that enable flexible movement and adjustment of the shade. Other models like the Type 75 desk lamp and Type 1228 floor lamp share the same forward-reaching, cantilevered arm design balanced by a weighted base.

Stiffel (US)

  • Founded by Ted Stiffel in 1932 in Indiana. Stiffel made a name as a major producer of mid-century modern lighting including Sputnik-style orb chandeliers featuring swirls of brass rods, ceramic mushroom lamps with brightly colored glazed ceramic bases, adjustable brass balance arm vanity lamps, and figurative sculptural lamps like the ornamental Cherub and Flamingo designs.

George Kovacs (US)

  • An innovative American designer who patented unique gimbal ring lamp constructions in the mid-20th century. Kovacs is known for his patented double-gimbal ring lamps which feature chrome spheres suspended within two interlocking metal rings, allowing the shade to be tilted and moved directionally. He also designed orb table lamps with lightweight rattan and rice paper shades that produced ambient, diffused light. His lamps had a very sculptural, modernist aesthetic.

Pacific Lamp Works (US)

  • A company based in Los Angeles that specialized in the ceramic mushroom lamp trend that peaked in popularity through the 1950s. Collectors highly covet their glazed ceramic mushroom-shaped table lamps which came in base colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, brick red and various shades of blue. The company was in operation from the early 1940s to late 1960s.

Ralph O. Lauren (US)

  • A prolific mid-century American lamp designer and popular trade name, not to be confused with fashion icon Ralph Lauren. Ralph O. Lauren focused on creating quality brass task, desk, and pole lamps often with swing arms for adjustability. His designs were characterized by minimalist forms, bamboo-inspired details, and precision craftsmanship.

Robert Sonneman (US)

  • An innovative American designer who pioneered modernist lamp designs using perforated metal screens, colored glass, and minimalist geometric forms from the 1960s onwards. Sonneman founded his eponymous lighting brand which became known for originality and high-quality materials. He helped define modern lighting.

Portage Laguna (US)

  • A more obscure American vintage lighting brand that manufactured colorful and whimsical lamp collections from the 1950s-1960s Mid-Century period. This included ceramic base designs like the Three Graces and Artichoke table lamps which had sculptural, decorative forms reminiscent of Renaissance motifs.

Kenroy Home (US)

  • An American lighting brand established in 1947. Kenroy is best known for their iconic mid-century Starburst atomic-style lamps, drawing inspiration from the Space Age. These featured rods or tapering wood rays emanating from a central painted metal orb. A very distinctive retro design.

Litton Industries (US)

  • A prominent American company founded in 1953 that produced bullet-shaped downlight lamps to provide focused task lighting and efficiently illuminate open-plan interior spaces which were gaining popularity in the 1950s onwards. Their symmetrical downlight designs housed the lighting elements and helped define modernist interiors.

Artemide (Italy)

  • Founded in Milan, Italy in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, Artemide became known for sleek Italian design and innovative lighting. They created sculptural lamps like the Tizio desk lamp with its counterbalanced and adjustable arms, as well as the elegant Tolomeo table lamp. Artemide collaborated with famous designers like Vico Magistretti.

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Original BTC (UK)

  • A contemporary British lighting company founded in the 1990s that produces very authentic reproductions of mid-century lamp designs, helping preserve vintage styles. This includes models like their Hector Bibendum-shaped lamp, Pendant lights with classic retro shapes, and industrial-style fittings.

Louis Poulsen (Denmark)

  • Began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1874 and created iconic mid-century lighting like the three-shade PH Artichoke lamp designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, the minimalist white Pendant system, and other signature Henningsen designs. Known for quality and timeless style.

Gubi (Denmark)

  • A Danish design group founded in 1967 has partnered with historic Danish lighting brands like Louis Poulsen. Gubi designed the iconic 3-globe Multi-Lite Pendant chandelier in collaboration with Poulsen, a symbol of mid-century Danish design.

Steinberg (Canada)

  • A family-owned Canadian company founded in 1930 by Samuel Steinberg that became known for high-quality modernist lighting. This included architect-style lamps with adjustable swing arms and joints like their popular mid-century Cabana floor lamp model.

Artcraft Lighting (US)

  • An American company founded in the early 1900s that made clean-lined, machine-inspired lighting employing early industrial materials and processes. They embraced modernist and art Deco styles with fixtures like bullet-shaped Holophane glass lamps.

Litecraft (US)

  • A vintage American lighting producer known for their glass pendant and table lamps using Holophane globes – these were pressed-glass shades known for optics that controlled the light distribution. Litecraft made them in colors like amber, grey, and white.

Flos (Italy)

  • Founded in 1962 in Bovezzo, Flos is an iconic Italian design company that manufactured many famous mid-century lamps. This includes the Arco floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1962 with its marble base and towering curved stem.

Fontana Arte (Italy)

  • Founded in Milan in 1932, Fontana Arte specialized in blown glass fixtures like the mid-century Octopus chandelier by Pietro Chiesa with its swirling black glass tentacles. Also created designs by Gio Ponti.

Luceplan (Italy)

  • Contemporary Italian lighting company founded in Milan in 1978. While modern, Luceplan’s origins date back a 1962 collaboration between architect Daniela Puppa and designer Paolo Rizzatto to produce innovative lamps.

Akari Lighting (US)

  • Founded in 1951 in New York by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. Known for signature lighting featuring bamboo frame structures with rice paper forming Japanese lantern-style pendant lamps.

Serge Mouille (France)

  • French designer who created the iconic Serge Mouille 3-arm ceiling lamp in the 1950s, with its distinctive black arms and white shades, a symbol of modernist design.

Vistosi (Italy)

  • Founded in 1840, Vistosi is a renowned Venetian glassmaker located on the island of Murano. They create artful blown glass pendants and chandeliers employing glassworking techniques.

Bitossi (Italy)

  • Founded in 1946, Bitossi produced iconic mid-century ceramic lighting including orb table lamps with 3 metal legs and rounded geometric shades in vivid colors.

Mazzega (Italy)

  • Founded in the early 1900s on the island of Murano, Venini is one of the oldest and most historic Italian lighting brands specializing in stunning Murano glass.

Venini (Italy)

  • Also founded in the early 1900s on the island of Murano where glassmaking originated. Venini is known for artistic, high-quality blown glass lighting.

Seguso (Italy)

  • Prominent Murano glass lighting company founded in 1940. Seguso was known for refined glass techniques in mid-century chandeliers and blown glass lamps.

Salviati (Italy)

  • Also founded in the 1920s on the island of Murano, Salviati was another major producer of Murano glass lighting and art glass pieces. Known for masterful use of coloring, molding, and blowing glass.

AVEM (Italy)

  • Founded in 1938 on the island of Murano by the Anzani family. AVEM produced blown glass lamps using intricate Murano glass techniques through the mid-century period.

Oluce (Italy)

  • Founded in 1945 Milan, Oluce collaborated with renowned designers like Joe Colombo and the Castiglioni brothers to produce innovative and sculptural Italian lamps using new techniques.

O-Luce (Italy)

  • Founded in Milan in 1939, O-Luce created lamps influenced by Bauhaus principles and Italian Rationalism – focused on function and new tecnologies while eliminating excess decoration.

Omnidecor (Italy)

  • Founded in 1958, Omnidecor produced some iconic sphere-shaped Italian lighting in the 50s/60s like the Pozzetto lamp with woven rattan cover designed by Franco Campo.

Lamperti (Italy)

  • Historical lighting company founded in Milan in 1913 by Enrico Lamperti. Now owns the Arte Italiana brand and specializes in Murano glass chandeliers and sconces.

Martinelli Luce (Italy)

  • Three generations of Italian lighting designers since the 1950s. Influenced by the radical Italian Memphis design movement in the 1980s. Known for bold colors and geometric shapes.

Metallux (Italy)

  • Founded by Enrico Toso in the 1930s, Metallux was an Italian lighting brand that produced mid-century fixtures like the Metallux 925 ceiling lamp designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1939, featuring a tiered glass and metal structure.

Targetti (Italy)

  • Founded in 1928 in Florence by Arnaldo Targetti. Known for architectural and minimalist lighting designs including recessed lamps and clean-lined floor/table lamps often made using steel.

Castiglioni (Italy)

  • Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni were two highly influential Italian designers who helped pioneer mid-century modern lamp designs. Famous pieces include Achille’s Arco lamp for Flos.

Guzzini (Italy)

  • Founded in 1912 by Carlo Guzzini, Guzzini Illuminazione specialized in industrial and technical style lighting. Used latest technologies and focused on functionality in their modernist, minimalist lamp designs.

Arteluce (Italy)

  • Arteluce was founded by renowned Italian designer Gino Sarfatti in 1939. Sarfatti designed over 600 innovative mid-century lamps and lighting fixtures for the brand.

Lampadina Letteraria (Italy)

  • A quirky Italian company founded in 1957 by designer Piegajola that produced fun, artistic lamps themed around literature, poetry, and philosophy books, with lamp bases shaped like open books.

Lumenform (Hungary)

  • A contemporary Hungarian lighting company founded in 1993 that adheres to Bauhaus principles of form following function in their modernist, minimalist lamps featuring clean lines and shapes.

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Vintage lamp manufacturers List:

CompanyCountryYears ActiveNotable Styles and Models
ArtekFinland1935-presentNatural shades, signature pendants
AnglepoiseUK1935-presentOriginal 1227 lamp, spring arm mechanics
StiffelUS1932-presentSputnik, mushroom, brass, figurative lamps
George KovacsUS1950s-60sGimbal ring lamps, rice paper orb lamps
Pacific Lamp WorksUS1940s-60sCeramic mushroom lamps
Ralph O. LaurenUS1930s-70sBrass lamps, pole lamps, swing arms
Robert SonnemanUS1960s-presentPerforated metal, glass, geometric lamps
Portage LagunaUS1950s-60sThree Graces, Artichoke lamps
Kenroy HomeUS1947-presentStarburst atomic lamps
Litton IndustriesUS1953-2001Bullet downlights
ArtemideItaly1960-presentTizio, Tolomeo lamps
Original BTCUK1990s-presentHector Bibendum reproductions
Louis PoulsenDenmark1874-presentPH Artichoke lamp
GubiDenmark1967-presentMulti-Lite Pendant
SteinbergCanada1930-presentCabana architect lamp
Artcraft LightingUSearly 1900s-presentMachine age, Holophane lamps
LitecraftUS1930s-70sHolophane glass lamps
Secto DesignFinland1995-presentScandinavian pendants
StructoCanada1967-presentArchitectural lamps
WästbergSweden2007-presentContemporary, mid-century style
Santa & ColeSpain1985-presentEstela lamp, decorative styles
DCW EditionsFrance1928-presentNemo lamp
Greta GrossmanUS1940s-presentGräshoppa lamp
Poul HenningsenDenmark1920s-presentPH5, PH Artichoke lamps
Hans J WegnerDenmark1940s-70sCH388 lamp
Paavo TynellFinland1930s-70sGlobe chandelier
Cecilie ManzDenmark1990s-presentScandinavian style lamps
Gino SarfattiItaly1930s-70sOver 600 lamp designs
Tobia ScarpaItaly1970s-presentTic-Tac lamp for Flos
FlosItaly1960s-presentArco floor lamp
Fontana ArteItaly1930s-presentGlass lamps like Octopus
LuceplanItaly1962-presentInnovative Italian lamps
Akari LightingUS1951-presentBamboo paper lantern lamps
Serge MouilleFrance1950s-presentSerge Mouille 3-arm ceiling lamp
VistosiItaly1940s-presentMurano glass lamps
BitossiItaly1930s-70sCeramic tripod and orb lamps
MazzegaItaly1900s-presentMurano glass lighting
VeniniItaly1921-presentBlown Murano glass lamps
SegusoItaly1940s-presentMurano glass lighting
Barovier & TosoItaly1295-presentMurano glassmaking
Pauly & CItaly1900s-presentMurano glass chandeliers
Murano Glass CompanyItaly1900s-presentMurano glass lamps
Seguso Viro GlasswareItaly1940s-90sMurano glass lighting
SalviatiItaly1921-presentMurano glass lighting
AVEMItaly1938-presentMurano blown glass lamps
OluceItaly1945-presentLamps, worked with Castiglioni
O-LuceItaly1939-presentBauhaus, Italian Rationalism lamps
OmnidecorItaly1950s-70sPozzetto lamp
LampertiItaly1913-presentArte Italiana brand lamps
Martinelli LuceItaly1950s-presentMemphis-inspired lamps
MetalluxItaly1950s-70s925 ceiling lamp
TargettiItaly1928-presentArchitectural, minimalist lamps
CastiglioniItaly1930s-70sAchille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designers
GuzziniItaly1912-presentIndustrial style lighting
ArteluceItaly1930s-70sGino Sarfatti, over 600 lamps
Lampadina LetterariaItaly1950s-90sBook-themed lamps
LumenformHungary1990s-presentBauhaus-inspired lamps