20 Ways Biden Could Get Hot on Climate Change in a Second Term

Joe Biden’s approach to climate change in a potential second term is already shaping up to be ambitious and critical, reflecting a continuation and expansion of his first-term policies. How will “Sleepy Joe” affect the average Joe, and can he deliver on his climate promises?

1. Enhanced Transmission Grid

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Biden aims to enhance the electrical grid to manage the influx of clean energy, focusing on upgrading about 100,000 miles of existing lines to double their capacity. This quicker solution is essential for supporting renewable energy sources.

2. Addressing Interconnection Queues

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There’s a plan to tackle the backlog of renewable energy projects waiting for grid connection. This could help lower energy prices and accelerate the clean energy transition.

3. Boosting Green Technologies

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Expect more federal investment in emerging green technologies, particularly in sectors like housing and building. Significant advancements are needed in geothermal heating and cooling to meet climate goals.

4. Energy Storage Innovations

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Biden’s team is looking to expand energy storage capabilities, essential for balancing the grid when renewable sources like solar and wind aren’t generating power. Innovations could include using electric vehicle batteries to supplement grid power during peak times.

5. Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector

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A critical focus will be decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as steel, cement, and aluminum production. This could involve legislative efforts to fund and foster cleaner industrial processes.

6. Promoting Climate Justice

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There’s a strong emphasis on environmental justice, with plans to continue investing in resilience and adaptation programs that prioritize front-line communities. These programs aim to address the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable populations.

7. Nature-Based Solutions

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Biden intends to fund more nature-based solutions to climate change. This includes conserving natural areas that can help absorb carbon dioxide.

8. International Climate Leadership

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Expect Biden to strengthen America’s role in international climate initiatives, ensuring the U.S. remains a key player in global environmental policies. Reaffirming commitments to international agreements will be pivotal.

9. Funding for Clean Energy

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The administration plans to continue leveraging funds from laws like the Inflation Reduction Act to boost clean energy projects across the country. Significant investments are already planned for renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

10. Support for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Biden aims to enhance the existing support for EVs, including extending tax credits and expanding charging infrastructure. This is critical to accelerating the shift away from gasoline-powered vehicles.

11. Focus on Renewable Energy Expansion

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There will be a continued push to expand renewable energy sources nationwide, aiming to drastically reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Policies will support wind, solar, and other renewable energies.

12. Regulatory Reforms

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Expect Biden to implement or reinforce regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from various sectors, including power plants and vehicles. Strengthening these regulations will be key to meeting climate targets.

13. Protecting Public Lands

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Biden’s agenda includes further protections for public lands and waters, ensuring they’re managed in a way that contributes to climate mitigation and biodiversity preservation. Reversing Trump-era rollbacks will be a priority.

14. Job Creation through Green Initiatives

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The administration’s climate policies are also framed as economic opportunities. The potential to create jobs in new industries such as renewable energy, green manufacturing, and environmental conservation is significant.

15. Building Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

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A continued focus will be on building infrastructure that can withstand the impacts of climate change. Ensuring communities are protected against extreme weather events will be a critical area of investment.

16. Enhancing Air Quality Standards

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Efforts to improve air quality standards nationwide will be crucial, particularly in urban areas heavily affected by industrial pollution. This will involve stricter regulations on emissions from factories and vehicles.

17. Waste Reduction Initiatives

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Biden is expected to support various waste reduction initiatives. These aim to cut down on landfill use and improve recycling rates across the country.

18. Carbon Pricing Mechanisms

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Although politically challenging, Biden might push for carbon pricing mechanisms as a way to internalize the environmental costs of greenhouse gas emissions. This could provide a financial incentive for reducing emissions.

19. R&D in Carbon Capture and Storage

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Research and development in carbon capture and storage technologies will likely receive more attention and funding. These technologies have the potential to remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

20. Public Awareness and Education

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Increasing public awareness and education on climate issues will be a key strategy. Garnering broader support for environmental policies aims to integrate climate literacy into various aspects of education and public discourse.

Getting Hot on Climate Change

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Biden’s second term could be a game-changer for climate action, but it all depends on support from Congress and the American people. Will we see the sweeping changes needed to combat climate change, or will it be more of the same? The next election could make or break our fight for a sustainable future. Let’s make our votes count.

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