18 Worst Offending States on Climate Change

Are you living in one of the states dragging America down in the fight against climate change? Let’s dive into the 18 worst offenders and see how they’re failing us all.

1. Texas

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Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas is notorious for its love affair with fossil fuels. Despite being a top wind energy producer, Texas continues to expand its oil and gas operations, contributing massively to greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Louisiana

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Governor John Bel Edwards’ Louisiana remains a hotspot for petrochemical plants, particularly in “Cancer Alley.” These industries are major sources of pollution and greenhouse gases, with little being done to curb their impact.

3. Wyoming

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Wyoming, under Governor Mark Gordon, is the top coal producer in the U.S. This state’s reluctance to diversify away from coal is a significant roadblock to reducing national emissions.

4. West Virginia

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Governor Jim Justice’s West Virginia heavily relies on coal mining, resisting shifts towards renewable energy. This has left the state with high pollution levels and poor air quality.

5. North Dakota

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Governor Doug Burgum promotes oil and gas drilling, making North Dakota a leading emitter of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Efforts to regulate these emissions are minimal at best.

6. Oklahoma

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Governor Kevin Stitt’s Oklahoma is deeply entrenched in oil and gas production. The state’s lax environmental regulations contribute to significant pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Indiana

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Governor Eric Holcomb’s Indiana relies heavily on coal for electricity. The state’s resistance to renewable energy projects exacerbates its environmental footprint.

8. Kentucky

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Kentucky, led by Governor Andy Beshear, continues to support coal mining and energy production, making it a significant contributor to air and water pollution.

9. Alaska

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Under Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaska aggressively pursues oil drilling in sensitive areas like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, threatening ecosystems and contributing to climate change.

10. Alabama

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Governor Kay Ivey’s Alabama has made little progress in transitioning to renewable energy, sticking with coal and gas, thus maintaining high levels of emissions.

11. Missouri

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Governor Mike Parson’s Missouri still heavily depends on coal-fired power plants. The state’s minimal investment in renewable energy is a major environmental setback.

12. Pennsylvania

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Governor Josh Shapiro’s Pennsylvania is a major fracking hub, leading to significant methane emissions. The state’s policies favoring natural gas over cleaner alternatives hinder progress.

13. Ohio

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Governor Mike DeWine’s Ohio remains a staunch supporter of coal and gas industries. This support has stymied growth in renewable energy investments.

14. Montana

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Governor Greg Gianforte’s Montana continues to prioritize coal and oil production, neglecting opportunities for renewable energy development.

15. Mississippi

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Governor Tate Reeves’ Mississippi has shown little interest in climate action, with continued reliance on fossil fuels and negligible renewable energy projects.

16. Arkansas

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Under Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Arkansas has failed to implement significant environmental regulations or invest in renewable energy, maintaining a high carbon footprint.

17. Utah

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Governor Spencer Cox’s Utah supports extensive fossil fuel extraction, particularly oil shale, which significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

18. South Carolina

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Governor Henry McMaster’s South Carolina continues to prioritize coal and nuclear power over clean energy solutions, lagging in the transition to renewables.

Time to Act, Folks

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These states are dragging their feet on climate action, and it’s affecting us all. It’s time to hold local leaders accountable and push for the changes we desperately need. If your state made the list, maybe it’s time to raise your voice and demand better. The planet can’t wait.

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