20 Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas

20 Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Check out these 20 old items that people creatively upcycle and turn into outdoor garden furniture.

20 Upcycled Outdoor garden Furniture Ideas

Before you look at buying new outdoor garden furniture why not look at old items that are destined for the rubbish tip and give them a new lease of life!

Lots of people are already doing this, by getting creative and repurposing discarded items for other uses. From turning old wooden pallets into garden furniture and outdoor bars to upcycling old oil drums into tables and chairs.

So if you don’t necessarily want to buy new stuff for your outdoor spaces and instead are looking for upcycled garden furniture ideas then look no further.

I’ve put together 20 of the most commonly used items that people upcycle into outdoor furniture to give you an idea of the potential of turning old items into new ones. And you may be surprised what some people are doing!


  1. Beer kegs
  2. Park benches
  3. Wooden cable reels
  4. Oil drums
  5. Tyres
  6. Wooden pallets
  7. Washing baskets
  8. Chimney pots
  9. Bird cages
  10. Gas bottles
  11. Bath tubs
  12. Large whiskey barrels
  13. Chest of drawers
  14. Bedframes
  15. Tin cans
  16. Salvaged tree logs
  17. Breezeblocks
  18. Wooden crates
  19. Scaffolding planks
  20. Dining table and chairs

1. Beer kegs

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - beer kegs

If you are looking to add upcycled metal furniture to your garden then beer kegs are good items for turning into things like side tables, seats and planters. And if you like your outdoor smoked meats you can even turn them into BBQs.

2. Park Benches

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - upcycled garden bench

Public benches that you see in parks and town centres are a good addition to any garden. You should be able to find a good range of benches in salvage yards to upcycle. And because they are usually built to last they only require minimal work to refurbish to get them back to their former glory.

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3. Wooden cable reels

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - Cable reels

Cable reels are robust and made to last and are great for being upcycled and turning into garden furniture. Giving it a sand down and paint, adding a couple of outdoor chairs and using it as a table is one of the best things you can do with cable reels

4. Oil drums

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - upcycled oil drum into table and chairs for the garden

If you really want to get creative with your outdoor furniture ideas and want some hardy metal furniture then look no further than oil drums.

These can be upcycled into all sorts of garden furniture, from tables and chairs (as you can see in the picture) to BBQ’s. They can even be turned on the side and made into benches by adding wooden struts.

It’s worth noting, however, that you will probably need some knowledge of metal works and welding.

5. Tyres

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - upcycled tyre into a side table

Old car and lorry tyres are made from very robust material which means even when they are not used for their intended purpose they are still very good for other outdoor uses.

Most people upcycle tyres in planters for their garden but as you can see from the image they can also be repurposed for other uses such as side tables.

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6. Wooden Pallets

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - outdoor pallet furniture

Wooden pallets are probably one of the most recycled materials for outdoor garden furniture, for very good reason.

They can be upcycled to make pretty much any sort of garden furniture. – Not only things like pallet furniture but also outdoor bars, outdoor cabinets, shelving and garden gates. People even build whole summer houses out of pallets.

7. Washing Baskets

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - wicker wash baskets upcycled into a planter
Washing basket planter

Old wicker washing baskets make good planters. Just line them with waterproof lining and fill them with soil. And if you want to make them look pretty give them a paint.

8. Chimney pots

No photo description available.

Another old item that people upcycle into a garden accessory is chimney pots. They can be turned into planters and can be widely found in salvage yards. You may even be able to get some free ones from your local builder merchants.

9. Birdcages

Upcycled Outdoor Furniture Ideas - birdcages upcycled into a hanging basket.

Old Birdcages make great hanging baskets and outdoor lamps. But they can also be used again for their original purpose by putting them in your garden for a place to feed wild birds.

10. Gas Bottles

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - gas bottles upcycled into bbq's

Empty gas bottles are usually recycled and turned into BBQs or fire pits. But if you want to get creative you can even turn them into pieces of garden art. For example, I’ve seen people turn them into iron man masks and use them as burner heaters.

11. Bathtubs

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - old bath tub

I’m not talking about having a bath outdoors, but more of refurbishing old bathtubs to use as outdoor garden furniture or accessory. Think of a small allotment to grow vegetables or as a large planter for an array of flowers. Or if you are looking for upcycled garden bench ideas people even cut them in half and make them into a seating area.

12. Large Whiskey Barrels

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - old whisky barrel upcycled into a hot tub.

Fancy a hot tub in your garden but don’t want to pay a premium price for the privilege? Well, old large whiskey barrels are a good solution if you are thinking about one.

You can pick up old oak whiskey barrels relatively cheap on places like eBay and Etsy and upcycle them by making them waterproof and connecting a heating system to get hot water.

13. Chest of drawers

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - chest of drawers turned into a planter

If you need some outdoor garden furniture to store your tools and use as a workbench then an old chest of drawers are a good solution.

You may have an old one lying around and are not sure what to do with it or you can easily source one from Facebook marketplace or eBay. But remember to treat the wood for outdoor use to protect it from the rain.

14. Bed frames

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - bedframe recycled into a garden bence

Old metal bed frames can be refurbished and turned into a range of garden furniture or accessories – From garden gates to metal garden benches.

15. Tin Cans

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - Tin can planters

Old tin cans are very hardy items and make good outdoor planters for your garden.

16. Salvaged tree logs

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - Upcycled Tree Stump And Log Ideas

If you have an upcycle project in mind and you are looking for old junk then logs offer a free or cheap solution. These can be upcycled into garden tables and chairs, stools and benches.

17. Breezeblocks

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - breezeblock bench

Another good material if you are looking for junk to upcycle is breezeblocks – People repurpose these to make outdoors seating areas, planters, shelving and to house BBQ’s.

18. Wooden crates

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - old wooden fruit and veg crates

Another popular item people repurpose and use as planters in their garden is old fruit and veg crates.

19. Scaffolding planks

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - Table made from reclaimed wood and scaffold boards

Wooden scaffolding planks are hardwearing and really versatile which makes them one of the best materials to upcycle into garden furniture.

Planks are commonly used to make tables, benches, and shelving but can probably be used to make pretty much any sort of garden accessory.

20. Dining table and chairs

Upcycled garden Furniture Ideas - dining table and chairs

If you think some of the upcycled garden furniture ideas we have discussed need a bit more expertise to refurbish than you may have, then look at everyday indoor furniture and convert them for outdoor use.

A good example is a dining table and chairs, as this is one of the most commonly used outdoor furniture in the garden. It’s also relatively easy to repurpose for outdoor use. Just give it a sand down, treat it with wood preservative to protect it from the elements and give it a lick of paint.