Best vintage furniture brands

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands

See some of the best manufacturers of vintage mid-century modern furniture.

Best Vintage mid century modern Furniture Brands

Vintage furniture has become very popular in the last 10 years as people look to be more sustainable, opting to buy used items instead of new – The State of Consumer Spending Report finds that sustainability is a priority for all demographics and according to the online vintage retailer 1stDibs, 60% of sales are now made by millennials (25-32 years old).

A lot of Vintage furniture made between 1950 and 1970 was also designed to be clean and minimal which fits very well with our contemporary homes of light colours.

So if you looking to buy some vintage furniture for your home or even to sell as part of a new business you may be wondering what are some of the best vintage furniture brands to look out for?

Some of the best vintage furniture brands include Ercol which produced the iconic Quaker chairs; G-Plan which made stylish sideboards; Jentique; Nathan and Scottish furniture manufacturers Mcintosh.

These brands were just a handful of well-known vintage furniture manufacturers of the 1950s and ’60s who produced the stylish and minimal pieces of furniture that are known today as “midcentury modern”.

In this article, I’ve also added more brands to look out for that produced some great examples of mid-century modern furniture.


  1. Why buy vintage furniture?
  2. What is classed as vintage furniture?
  3. Ercol
  4. G-Plan
  5. Nathan
  6. Mcintosh
  7. Stag
  8. Jentique
  9. Schrieber
  10. Stonehill
  11. Lebus

Why buy vintage furniture?

Before we dive into the different vintage furniture brands it’s worth taking a look at why vintage furniture is currently experiencing an uptick in demand and is so popular today:

  • Eco-friendly – The world is moving towards a more sustainable ethos and part of this is buying used items (in this case vintage furniture), instead of brand-new items that take additional energy to make.
  • Well-made – Vintage furniture is often very well made from a range of quality soft and hardwoods, in an era before everything was made in China and flat-packed.
  • Stylish and unique – Manufacturers are not making any more of this stuff so you can find totally unique and very stylish pieces of vintage furniture.
  • Fits with current trends – Vintage furniture, especially mid-century modern fits with the contemporary designs of modern living.
  • Nostalgia – People see old furniture as having a story to tell and a portal back to a time when life was simpler.

What is classed as vintage furniture?

According to the Vintage eCommerce marketplace, Ruby Lane, vintage furniture is classed as an item that is over 20 years old and speaks to an era in which the item was made.

However, I would argue you have to go back further than 20 years to find the real gems. So for the purposes of this article, I will focus on the period between 1950 and 1970 in which furniture made in this era is known as “Mid-Century Modern”.

Vintage Furniture Brands

1. Ercol

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Ercol dining table and chairs

One of the only companies that made furniture between 1950 and 1960, which still produces furniture today is Ercol. Established over 100 years ago in 1920 by Lucian R Ercolani in High Wycombe, Ercol is a well-known brand of quality furniture and made some great pieces of furniture mid-century that we now recognize as vintage.

Some specific examples (among the many) of vintage furniture they produced throughout the mid-half of the century include Ercol’s vintage Scandinavian 365 Quaker dining chairs; round dropleaf tables (blonde) and the vintage No. 478 armchair by Lucian Ercolani.

2. G-Plan

Best Vintage Furniture Brands - G-Plan furniture

G-Plan was founded in 1898 by Ebenezer Gomme and became famous in the early 1960s when they created a new type of furniture, designed by Kofod Larson, in response to competition from Danish furniture brands.

This type of furniture is commonly known today as “Mid-Century Modern” and was designed to be contemporary and minimal. Some sort after pieces of their vintage furniture includes G-Plan sideboards, “Astro” coffee tables, nest tables, and dining table and chairs.

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3. Nathan

Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Nathan Furniture

Another 1960s manufacturer of vintage furniture is the British company Nathan, which was founded in 1916 by Russian-born Barnett Nathan and is still trading to this day.

In 1963 they started making stylish and very sought after Scandinavian style teak furniture. Some of their pieces of furniture that are in high demand include the teak “Corinthian” sideboard and “Burlington” nesting tables.

4. Mcintosh

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands -  McIntosh Teak Dining Chairs

Mcintosh Furniture was founded in 1869 by Alexander Henry Macintosh in Scotland and is now well known as a quality brand of vintage mid-century modern furniture.

Some of their 1960s and 70’s ranges of furniture that are now in demand include the Teak Dunbar sideboard by Tom Robertson; Mid-Century Teak 9513 Dining Chairs by Tom Robertson, and Mid-Century Teak Secretary from McIntosh

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5. Stag

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Desk by John & Sylvia Reid for Stag,

The Stag furniture brand was created in the 1950s and is known for a variety of bedroom and dining furniture which was designed by husband and wife design consultants, John and Sylia Reid.

In the 1960’s they produced a range of modern (for its day) and innovative pieces of furniture, such as very long teak sideboards that could be assembled in separate pieces and dining room furniture.

Some popular vintage, Scandinavian-style mid-century furniture includes desks (as seen in the image above), chest of drawers, and dressing tables.

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6. Jentique

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Mid-Century Teak Highboard by Jentique,

Jentique produced Danish/Scandinavian style furniture during the 1950s and ’60s and is well-known for being well-made and stylish for that reason is now very much in demand and appreciated for its clean lines and contemporary design.

They made a range of functional furniture which includes sideboards, bureau writing desks, and dining tables and chairs. Some sought-after pieces include the Sculptural Model 202 sideboard and the mid-century Jentique Oval dining table.

7. Schrieber

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Schreiber furniture

Schreiber Furniture was started in 1957 by Cham Schieber and became a very popular brand in the 1960s and 70s and a maker of quality furniture.

They were ahead of their time and were the first furniture company to open large retail outlets dedicated to furniture shopping. There also bought out one of their rivals, Lebus (more on Lebus shortly) which made them one of the market leaders at that time.

Some popular mid-century modern pieces of furniture that survive today include a chest of drawers, dressers, and dining tables and chairs. Schreiber chests of drawers and dressers, in particular, can often be identified by their unique handles.

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8. Stonehill

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands - Stonehill Furniture

Stonehill Furniture was set up in 1910 by Austrian immigrant and cabinet maker, Nathan Steinberg- the company ceased trading in 1980.

In the 1960s in particular they produced some beautifully designed and well-crafted sideboards and drinks cabinets, which are now highly sought-after pieces of vintage furniture that can carry quite a hefty price tag.

9. Lebus

9 Best Vintage Furniture Brands-   lebus furniture

Lebus furniture was first made by the famous East End cabinet maker Louis Lebus when he arrived in the United Kingdom in the 1840s from Germany. The company was taken over by his son Harris Lebus when he dies in 1879.

The company ceased trading in 1969 but it is the bedroom furniture they made the two decades previously that you will often see today as vintage examples.

I myself have a 1960s vintage Lebus wardrobe, which can easily be identified by the fact their 1950s and 60s bedroom furniture is branded “This is Lebus”.

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