How to sell expensive used furniture

How to sell expensive used furniture

See how to price, sell and ship your expensive used furniture safely and securely

How to sell expensive used furniture

Furniture isn’t necessarily an easy item to sell, especially if you haven’t done so before. You want to find a place where eyeballs are going to actually see the items you’re selling, but you also want to get the right price for your item.

When you’re looking to sell used furniture you probably have some questions: Is there a website to sell high-end furniture? Is eBay still the best selling site? How can you get the maximum price for your items? It’s time to do some research.

So how do you sell expensive used furniture?

To sell expensive used furniture start with research and a proper valuation of your item before creating a quality listing on sites such as Vinterior or 1stDibs. Ensure that your listing provides detail and shows the piece in a good light with great images.

We answer your questions on selling furniture in this guide. Read on to dive into our tips on where to sell high-end furniture online and how to create a listing that converts


  1. Pricing: how to price high end used furniture?
  2. Where to sell expensive used furniture
  3. Shipping: How to ship expensive furniture
  4. Tips: Selling expensive used furniture

Pricing: how to price high end used furniture?

It can be hard to know how to price furniture for sale. Ask for too much and your item won’t sell but list it for a modest price and you might be missing out on hundreds of dollars. Below are some common methods for pricing high-end furniture.

Discount on original value

A rule of thumb on how to price-quality used furniture is to subtract 20-25% of its original retail value. Assuming you have kept your furniture in good cognition, this is a reasonable expectation and a starting point for sale. 

Price comparison

If you can’t find the original retail price of the item and it isn’t being sold new elsewhere, some further research is required. You will need to find other listings wherever possible, and see what people are selling the same (or similar) furniture for. 

Antique databases

If you are selling an older item, antique databases can be really helpful. Searching for the item on Google, combined with a few extra search terms like “antique price” or “price guide” may bring you results.


If you fear you’re underpricing a really valuable item, get an antique dealer appraisal. This can cost hundreds of dollars, but if your item may be worth thousands then it is worth considering.

Where to sell expensive used furniture

Gone are the days when eBay was the first place people thought of selling anything online. More specialist dealers will usually bring better results, and there are many apps and websites where you can post high-end furniture for sale.


Vinterior is a global marketplace for vintage furniture from throughout the ages. With a big audience, you can often fetch good prices for impressive items, but it can be tough to get accepted as a seller.

It’s great for furniture dealers and even has a free listing creator that uses existing information to build your product description.


This site vets sellers very closely to provide a network of excellent antiques. There are more than 4,000 sellers on the site and buyers can search and filter by price, style, period, and more. 

Items are listed with a suggested price and viewers can make an offer based on this. You can reject the offer, so there isn’t a risk of someone taking your item for a crazy price.


Kaiyo is easier to sign up for as they vet the item more than the seller. So, if you’re a one-time seller it shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s no fee to list, and Kaiyo collects, cleans, and delivers the item to the buyer. It’s relatively hands-off.


This is a great place to sell if you have a nearly-new item you want to shift. The brand has some strict guidelines about what they will accept, but this keeps quality high.

You can start the process by emailing the brand or signing up for a selling account.

Modern Resale 

Another service that can collect, store, and even list your item for you. If you’ve got antique furniture and you are happy to wait for the right buyer, then Modern Resale could be a good choice. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is incredibly easy to list items on, so it has this in its favour. Unfortunately, people are likely to try and negotiate and you may not get the highest price, especially for specialist items.


eBay is also full of people wanting a bargain, and if you list it as an auction there’s no guarantee you’ll get what the piece is worth. However, it does still have a huge audience.

Contact dealers direct

Find dealers near you and sell to them directly. Dealers such as OGT will buy certain items from you but need to make a profit so you may get less for your item. Contact a few, and try to get specialists in the type of furniture (chair, bed, table, etc.) that you are selling.

Vintage and flea markets

The old-fashioned method of going to vintage and flea markets is still possible. It may avoid costly shipping expenses, and result in a quick sale.

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Shipping: How to ship expensive furniture

The best way to ship expensive furniture is to use a courier that specializes in bulky, expensive items. Insurance is also a good idea. 

Remember that when selling high end used furniture you should protect it accordingly. Use soft, cushioned wraps and protective bubble wrap, along with packing tape to neatly compact the protective materials.

Tips: Selling expensive used furniture

Here are our top tips for selling expensive used furniture.

1. Professionally clean your furniture

Some items need professional cleaning more than others. Things like sofas tend to fetch better prices if thoroughly cleaned. You’re also less likely to get complaints after selling.

2. Do your research

What is the product worth? Does it have an interesting history? What are others selling this item for? Dig into the furniture and brand if you can, or learn about the period and style to get a better grasp of price and selling methods.

3. Take high-quality pictures

Even a good smartphone can take amazing, clear pictures. Ensure there is plenty of light, and follow tips on how to get the most out of your camera, like this guide to iPhone photography. Cover every angle and use high resolution to upload.

4. Be clear about the condition

Don’t try to hide scuff marks or problems with the furniture, just price it accordingly and make sure a potential buyer is aware. Lying about the item will only result in more hassle (and a potential return).

5. Decide your selling method

Where are you going to sell the item? Choose where to sell expensive used furniture using the platforms listed above. The style or period of your item will play a part in your decision.

Check listing fees and selling commissions before listing your item to ensure you don’t get stung. 

6. Decide on a minimum price

What are you happy to let it go for? If you need a quick sale you might not be able to demand as much. Selling to a dealer might get you a faster sale but remember they are trying to make a profit, too. 

7. Create an excellent listing and try to actively “sell”

Don’t be afraid to focus on what’s great about the item. Show potential buyers what is great about it and focus on scarcity if it is relevant. Use language that helps people see the benefits or envisage themselves using the furniture.

Some selling sites will even create listings for you to try and increase the chances of a sale.

8. Promote your product listing

Don’t be afraid to share your product listing on social media, and use a few hashtags, too. You don’t have to spam your friends, but there is a chance that someone might be interested within your network. 

9. Ship with caution

You’ve gone to the hard work of selling, now make sure you ship your product carefully and protect furniture as if you were moving.